Dem Freeholder, Surrogate candidates were recruiting interns at Middletown High School North


photo via Middletown High School North’s website

The Monmouth County Democrat candidates for Freeholder and Surrogate were recruiting 14 and 15 year old high school students to be interns for Chairman Vin Gopal’s organization when they made a campaign appearance at Middletown High School North earlier this month.

According to an email from Gopal to members of the Middletown Board of Education and Superintendent William George Ed. D, the Democrats’ Campaign Coordinator, Meaghan Mahoney reached out to Assistant Principal¬†Tyniesha Douglas on August 10 asking if she could advertise open intern positions to the student body and requesting to address a Government, Law and Public Policy Pathway (GLP3) seminar. ¬†Douglas responded the next day offering to arrange for Mahoney to meet the class and asking her to bring possible candidates.

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