Letter: Chris Smith Saved My Brother’s Life

Dan McNamara and Rep Chris Smith

As the election comes upon us, and in response to certain statements made by Congressman Chris Smith’s opponent, Stephanie Schmidt, we have been made aware that Ms. Schmidt has been campaigning on a platform comprised, at least in part, of deceptive untruths regarding the Congressman Chris Smith’s response to the Covid issue.  Contrary to Ms. Schmidt’s claims to the contrary, Congressman Smith has been a champion for those battling the Covid-19 virus; and through his intercedence saved my brother’s life. 

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Family credits Chris Smith with saving COVID-19 patient’s life

Kevin McNamara, a 60 year old attorney who lives in Avon-by-the Sea, was hospitalized with COVID-19 on March 28. Last Thursday, after 174 days of isolation in three different hospitals and a rehab facility, McNamara was sent home to continue his long road to recovery.

Kevin’s brother Dan, an engineer who lives in Essex County, credits Congressman Chris Smith with saving Kevin’s life.

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