Codey’s running for Governor

Star Ledger photo

Star Ledger photo

Former Acting Governor Richard Codey’s media stunt guised as an undercover investigation into the plight of homeless men in Newark is a sure sign that the author/insurance salesman/funeral director/legislator will be a candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination next year.

Codey’s investigation was so “undercover” that he invited The Star Ledger to photograph him getting made up for his 9PM visit to Newark’s Goodwill Mission last night.   Codey appeared on Good Day New York and the John Gambling radio show this morning to get free media talk about the findings of his investigation.  Those TV and radio producers move fast!

Codey tweeted about his appearances and make up this morning.

Codey’s investigation revealed that homeless men are turned away from shelters if they are not on welfare.  If they are on welfare, they have to turn over their checks if they want to spend the night.  Codey is not on welfare.  He should have offered his watch.

While Codey’s stunt will do more for his political prospects than for Newark’s homeless, he did prove that he doesn’t need the taxpayer funded security detail he was enjoying before Governor Christie canceled it last December.

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