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Editorial cartoons are sponsored by New Markets Realty, 146 Maple Ave, Red Bank. 732-741-8211. Jim Giannell, President

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The Chairmanship and Conflicts of Interest

My friend Jim Giannell  asked that I write a short piece about conflicts of interests and the County Chair, as it relates to the current race between Christine Hanlon and John Bennett.

Jim is supporting John Bennett for Chair.  While I haven’t made an endorsement yet, most people assume I am supporting Christine Hanlon given my recent coverage of John Bennett.  I’m on the fence between Christine and Bayshore Tea Party Group Co-Founder Bob Gordon.   No, not really.

Jim and I started our friendship working on Anna Little’s 2006 Freeholder race.  Over the last six years we’ve been on the same side and opposite sides of various races.  We’re not go on vacation together or spend Christmas Eve together kinds of friends, but we always take each others calls, help each other when we can, and neither of us is ever bitter with the other when a race is over.  I always tell him the truth and he usually tells me the truth after I call him on his bullshit.  When I launched this site and started selling advertising, Jim wrote me a check, even though he didn’t have a website to link an ad to.  We’re friends.  I owe him an ad.

In politics, as in life, holding grudges only nails you’re own foot to the floor.   It can be both humorous and maddening to watch grudge holders spin around in circles, while they think they are getting somewhere.

But enough about my friendship with Jim, and on to his request.

In the comments of the Chair’s race Part 3 post, Jim said,

Hi Art,
Wow ! Things are getting wild out there !
Anyway, talk about “Deals”, many of us have heard the rumor that a certain Chairperson of a fairly large town has been promised the job of “Commissioner of Registration”; an $80,000/yr job to support Christine, should she win. I know you can figure out who.
There is no question that a Republican County Chairperson should not have any business with County Government that is controlled by Republicans yet Christine fails to address this critical issue. Could you do a short piece on this before Tues ?
I could go on with many things I’ve heard but have to get to work. Lunch is either on you or me at the end of the week, we shall see Tuesday eve and then I’ll let you know why you have been wrong & vice versa !

I responded,

@ Jim Giannell

We both know how rumors work.

I promised you that I would find out the truth. From what I hear, the Commissioner of Registration appointment is indeed coming up. I hear that several inquiries have been made about it and that no deals or promises have been made by Christine.

Who, if anyone, has John promised the job to? I’m sure you know.

Regarding the chair doing work for the county, that only became a conflict of interest because John decided to say it is a conflict of interest and his supporters, like yourself and Gerri, are running with it. We all know its a red herring. County work is no more of a conflict for the chair than municipal work is. The county chair has as much power on the municipal level as he/she does on the county level.

In a perfect world, someone who doesn’t need to earn a living would be county chair and do the job passionately. We don’t live in a perfect world. The demands of the chairmanship would put most people out of business or out of a their jobs, or they would not be a successful chair. Vic Scudiery is such an example. Politics is not his business. He always took care of his family and his business and did the best he could as chair of the Dems with the deck stack against him. More than once, political pros tried to take him out. The Dems would have been more competitive in Monmouth if a politico was their chair all these years. There is really no question about that.

If John becomes chair, his income will not take a hit. If Christine becomes chair, her income will not take a hit either.

If a business person like you or me became chair, our incomes would take a hit.

I don’t like it, and I know that you don’t like it. But that is the way it is.

See you Tuesday night and again for lunch on Friday.


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