Progress, Finally, Hopefully

Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore called at 7:22 AM to report that JCP&L Government Affairs Representative Roberta Sheridan had just called.

JCP&L is moving “all available men,” into the Bayshore of Monmouth County.  That’s about 300 workers, per Fiore. Work will finally get started on the Belford substation which powers most of the Bayshore.

Multiple sources have told MMM that the Belford station was a problem.  JCPL (not Sheridan) has been saying that the substation was underwater (it wasn’t) that its old (it is) and that they didn’t know when they would get to it.

img_2009-web1Yesterday afternoon they hadn’t gotten to it. It wasn’t wet, but it was rusty….on the top, not the bottom.  It’s elevated and the ground was dry all around it.  This was not one of the underwater substations.

In an ironic and infuriating twist, while I was inspecting the Belford substation yesterday, Comcast workers, who now use the former JCP&L building adjacent to the substation were taking delivery of small generators.  Well one or two of them were taking delivery while 9 or 10 watched.img_2016-web

The Stone Church substation off Sears Ave in Atlantic Highlands is the other problem for Northeast Monmouth residents and businesses.  The misinformation being spread to  area elected officials by JCPL about this substation is disgusting.  One story was that trees fell on it and destroyed it.  Another story was trees fell on it and it “burnt up.” ” Burnt up” could mean a fire or it could mean a blown transformer.  Neither was the case.  No members of the Highlands, Atlantic Highlands or Navesink Fire Companies knew of any calls to the substation in the last week.  MMM went to the substation.  No signs of a recent fire or the lingering smell of a blown transformer. The substation was not underwater.  There were sounds of electricity though!

Stone Church Substation, August 30, 2011

Stone Church Substation, August 30, 2011

Fiore said that Sheridan told him that the real problem with the Stone Church substation is topography with the lines going to and from the station.  Trees on the lines and downed lines will cause further delays to electric customers being serviced by this station.

Fiore has been a bulldog of an advocate for Middletown residents and the entire Bayshore during the aftermath of Irene.   During the Real Jersey Guys Radio Show yesterday afternoon, Fiore couldn’t get through on the call in lines so he sent a text informing us that he had gotten through to the Governor’s office about the Bayshore situation and asked that the Belford and Stone Church substations be made a priority.  The head office said they would do so.   Within an hour lights started coming on in Belford and Atlantic Highlands.  Then Sheridan called first thing this morning.

Here’s a recording of the radio show, in case you didn’t have power and are listening to it next week sometime. 

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The show featured Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre and stories of his multi-year battle with JCP&L and Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande reporting on the great works of Monmouth volunteers, law enforcement and genuinely finding the silver lining in the mutliple Irene clouds.

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