Pallone’s Lies to HUD, The Media, Continue To Unravel

Congressman Frank Pallone  moving his lips, and fingers

Congressman Frank Pallone moving his lips, and fingers

On early Monday morning, 6:54, in the midst of the Bridgegate network and cable TV media feeding frenzy engulfing Governor Chris Christie, CNN reported an “Exclusive” story that  “federal officials” were investigating whether Christie had “improperly used” some of the Sandy Relief money used to produce the Stonger than the Storm tourism ad campaign.  The source of the “Exclusive” was Congressman Frank Pallone.

Within the hour, Pallone had widely released a statement to the media and posted it on his federally funded website, that contained the information reported “Exclusively” by CNN.

That should have been the media’s first clue that Pallone is not trustworthy.  He offered an exclusive to CNN, and then spread, the story, like a crack whore needing another fix.

But no, the media lapped up the story.  It led the 8 am hour of most network morning news shows, and dominated the the political news of the day as an “additional federal investigation” that Christie was facing.

The story was a lie. Not an exaggeration. A lie.

MMM was the first media outlet to fact check the story. We started doing so immediately upon reading it on CNN.

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