Melody is a costly tune for Eatontown’s Court

Eatontown Mayor Calls For Resignation Of Council President and Municipal Judge

By Eatontown Mayor Dennis J. Connelly

Eatontown Mayor Dennis Connelly

A backroom deal by the newly elected Eatontown Borough Council President Anthony Talerico and 3 of his followers will cost the taxpayers dearly.  One of the first deeds of Eatontown Borough Council President was to install his high school friend and local attorney, Eugene Melody III, as the Eatontown Municipal Court judge for a 3-year term.  Melody, a general law practitioner, has never held a judgeship, never been a prosecutor, nor has he served as a public defender.  At the very least, either of the latter two positions is critical in understanding the workings of a municipal court and would be the logical foundation for qualifications as a municipal court judge.  Not so, in Talerico’s mind. Eugene Melody is his go to guy for patronage positions.  Melody was appointed as Special Council in 2013 and was pushed for judgeship by Talerico in 2014 before he rescinded his application after realizing he was not getting the appointment.

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