Who said this?

Which journalist/personality wrote this about Governor Chris Christie this week?

“..this governor is a force of nature who could probably make a dog sing if he put his mind to it.”

No googling before voting.


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Love for Christie, Right and Left

By Art Gallagher

The Chris Christie for President buzz just won’t go away, no matter how strongly the governor declares he’s not running.  Pretty soon the state police will consider putting Christie on a suicide watch.

Ann Coulter’s comment at CPAC…that the GOP either run Chris Christie or Mitt Romney will be the nominee and lose…has reignited the smoldering Christie for President banter.

In cable TV and radio interviews today,  Coulter has said Christie is the only Republican who can defeat President Obama, and the governor would have her support even though she questions how conservative he is.

From the left, we have Star Ledger columnist Tom Moran, who helped make Christie a national figure with the famous, “You should see me when I’m really pissed” video.  Moran wrote a piece for Sunday’s paper/website which was essentially a white flag of surrender from New Jersey’s Democratic establishment.

After comparing Christie to Oprah, detailing the powerful Democratic support Christie has won over in Hudson and Essex counties, and explaining how hopeless it has become for Trenton Democrats to oppose Christie’s reforms, Moran himself endorsed the Christie agenda:

He’s winning this argument because he’s right on the core issue — New Jersey has promised more than it can deliver. Governors all over the country, in both parties, are moving in the same direction out of necessity.


If Christie can win over Moran, maybe Coulter is right.

Perhaps the question should not be, “Is Chris Christie ready to be president?” as he repeatedly protests that he is not.  Perhaps the question should be, “Is Kim Guadagno ready to be governor?”

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