One Woman Protest Declares ‘Blue Lives Matter’

By Jeremy Baratta

Amanda Bolvito

Amanda Bolvito

“Black Lives Matter” has become a popular protest slogan, from Union Square to the Mall of America. Today, after the unprovoked shooting of two NYPD officers sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn over the weekend, one woman started a protest movement of her own closer to home.

Amanda Bolvito, a married 24 year-old waitress with 2 small children, went to office depot, bought about $19 worth of supplies, and emblazoned a sign with the message “Blue Lives Matter.”

She took her sign to the corner of Route 27 and Main Street, outside of the Metuchen Borough Hall and Police Station. First spotted at around noon and interviewed at 1:30 pm, she reported being there since around 11 this morning. She plans to be out there until “[she] can’t take the cold.”

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