Wildstein’s Attorney: Christie knew of the lane closures while they were occurring

WildsteinAlan Zegas, David Wildstein’s attorney, told the press today that Governor Chris Christie knew of the September 2013 George Washington Bridge Lane closures that have become known as Bridgegate while they were occurring.

“Mr. Christie know of the lane closures while they were occurring.  Evidence exists to establish that,” Zegas said.

Christie has steadfastly denied any knowledge of or involvement in the lane closures which Wildstein confessed today were designed as political retribution against Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich , a Democrat, for refusing to endorse Republican Christie’s reelection.

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Who leaked the letter?

best-place-in-town-take-a-leakMost people who are paying attention to ‘Bridgegate’ now realize that the letter from David Wildstein’s attorney, Alan Zegas, released to the press yesterday afternoon is not the smoking gun that many in the media have been hoping for that would put an end to Governor Chris Christie’s presidential ambitions or possibly lead to his resignation or impeachment.

The letter, part of a negotiation with Port Authority over Wildstein’s legal fees, is not evidence that Christie lied in his January 9, 2013 press conference.  The letter raises many questions and answers few if any.  Some of those questions could complicate Wildstein’s legal problems.  Assemblyman John Wisniewski, the co-chair of the state legislative committee investigating Bridgegate, wants to know why Wildstein did not include the evidence referred to in the letter with all the other documents he provided to the Assembly Transportation Committee, including the now infamous email exchange between Wildstein and Bridget Ann Kelly that blew the Bridgegate story open on January 8.

If any of the news outlets that reported on the letter revealed who released it, I missed it.

The release of the letter reignited the media frenzy over Bridgegate just as Christie was generating non-scandal related publicity associated with the Super Bowl and Howard Stern’s birthday.   That was obviously the intent of releasing the letter. By protecting the identity of the leaker, the media is complicit with that agenda.

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