Mayor Scharfenberger: ACLU criticism of Middletown pro-law enforcement rally is absurd


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Middletown Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger, Phd, said that the ACLU’s objection to the ceremony at Middletown High School South last week honoring law enforcement, fire, first aid and military personnel is “absurd” and inconsistent with the organizations mission of protecting free speech.

“The citizens of Middletown, Toms River and beyond gathered on Friday night and proudly expressed their support for the men and women of law enforcement and the military who routinely risk their lives to protect the right of free expression, even of speech that they personally abhor,” said Scharfenberger. “The ACLU’s objections to the peaceful demonstration of support for our men and women in uniform is ridiculous and absurd, however it is their right to express their thoughts just as it is for the thousands of people Friday night to express their gratitude and love of their country.  The spontaneous chant of USA erupting from the crowd and the spirit in the air emanating from the crowd of all races, ages and ethnicities was something none of us will ever forget.  I was honored and humbled to be a part of this magnificent salute to the brave men and women in uniform and thank God everyday for their service to our community and our country.

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