Sharpe James, Bernie Kerik discuss ‘dehumanizing’ criminal justice system

assetContent (66)JERSEY CITY — Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James and Bernard Kerik, a former New York police commissioner, appeared at a prisoner re-entry conference at Saint Peter’s University this afternoon to speak out about the horrors they experienced while incarcerated in federal prison. The two men called on officials to reform the criminal justice system, saying there… Read the rest of this entry »

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Political Prisoner: Sharpe Twists and Turns

By Art Gallagher , Originally posted at PolitickerNJ

Sharp JamesSharpe James never lacked for self-confidence. Or strong  opinions. In the first chapter of his new memoir, the former Newark mayor likens  himself to his “role models;” biblical and historical political prisoners Jesus,  John the Baptist, the Apostles James and Peter, Gandhi, Mandela and Dr. Martin  Luther King, Jr.

Governor Christopher Christie, who as U.S. Attorney prosecuted James in 2008  on five counts of fraud related to the sale of Newark owned property, is likened  to Lucifer and “a slovenly intoxicated King Herod” who was given James’s  figurative “head on a platter” by former friends and associates who lied under  oath in order to save their own necks from prosecution.

James refers to Christie and former President George W. Bush as “head  hunters.”

Political Prisoner reads like two books. In between the opening  chapter that sets up the context of his persecution and the closing chapters  recollecting his prosecution and imprisonment, James tells the compelling story  of his remarkable life lived during a tumultuous American century.

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