Middletown PBA takes negotiations to facebook

11053463_659426564183397_8224175469663770429_nA rant against Mayor Stephanie Murray and the rest of the Middletown Township Committee was posted anonymously on the business facebook page of the Middletown Township PBA Local 124 yesterday afternoon.

Written by “I am a police officer in Middletown Township,” the post alleges that Murray and the Township Committee are not paying police officers salaries and claims that officers are subjected to sub-standard working conditions.  The anonymous officer claims that the Township Committee gave themselves a 20% raise:

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Hogan Strikes a Nerve

PBA #314 President Joe Tuohy has jumped into the fray over the PBA charges against Assemblyman Dave Rible over at Jim Hogan’s blog.

Tuohy disputes some of the figures Jim used in his post and says he supports the PBA action against Rible.

Police unions complaining like this is really unseemly.  Even with the recent reforms, New Jersey police officers have an extremely enviable deal. 

I admit…I’m envious!   A high school buddy of mine retired from a NJ police force a little over a year ago.  His take home pay from his pension is $20 per month less than he was taking home when he was going to work every day!  I wish I had a deal like that at 52 years old.  If my friend lives to be 82 he’ll collect over $2.5 million.  That doesn’t count the cost of his health care.

Even with the recent reforms, I’m concerned about the economic sustainability of such a system.

Worse, we’re laying off police officers in high crime areas while we are paying able bodied men and women not to “protect and serve.”   That is why, “people are going to die,” as Senate President Steve Sweeney said.  They’re not going to die because of Governor Christie’s budget cuts.

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PBA Goes After Rible

By Art Gallagher

The Asbury Park Press is reporting that Michael A. Deroian of PBA Local 314 of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office has issued union charges against Assemblyman Dave Rible.

Derion says Rible’s vote for pension and benefit reforms violated his PBA oath:

“… and I do further promise – and declare I will not – by word, deed, sign or token – injure a fellow member of this Association.”

Rible retired on disability from the Wall Township Police Department in 1998.  He remains a member of the union.

It seems to me that Derion’s charges do more to injure Rible than Rible’s vote to save the pensions did to injure any PBA member.

I’m a supporter of the police, but I find that oath scary.

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