The Politics Of Disaster Relief

By Art Gallagher, [email protected]

When disaster hits, natural or man made, Americans put aside their differences and come together to handle the emergency.

We saw it with 9-11. Most recently in New Jersey we saw it with Superstorm Sandy.

Once the emergency is over and the federal money is flowing, the politics…partisanship and patronage starts.  We saw it with 9-11. We’re living it with Sandy.

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Obama To Visit Ground Zero Today

By Art Gallagher

President Barack Obama will visit Ground Zero today for a wreath laying ceremony. 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Senator Robert Menendez will be among the dignitaries attending.

Published reports say that former President George W. Bush declined Obama’s invitation to attend today’s ceremony, siting his desire to stay out of the public eye during his post-presidency.

While I respect the dignity with which Bush has conducted himself since leaving the White House, I think his appearance with Obama to celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden would have been an opportunity for the nation to come together, if only for a moment.

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