Even the Asbury Park Press Advertises on MoreMonmouthMusings!

app ad2The Asbury Park Press wants their readers back so bad that they are advertising on MoreMonmouthMusings!  Their ad sneaked in this morning through a national syndicate we participate in.   We’d have to think long and hard about accepting their ad had they contacted us directly, because we have major reservations about the product they produce.

But, we’ll accept their ad as an endorsement of how well MMM has been able to attract the attention of Monmouth County and New Jersey readers.

To celebrate the endorsement, we’re having a sale.

APP’s ad is offering 50% off on subscriptions for three months.  We promise to keep our content free for three months.

We’re offering 50% off on ads for three months, starting on November 5. We’re sold out until then for most ad packages.  This is a great deal for retailers, restaurants, theaters, car dealers, contractors, real estate brokers, lawyers, accountants and banks, especially as we enter the holiday season.

MMM’s traffic is up 41%, year to date over 2013, and growing.  We’ve already exceeded our 2013 readership by 81,000, and we’re only two weeks into the fourth quarter of the year.

If you want to get in on this great deal, contact Art Gallagher now at [email protected] or 732-208-2240.  Don’t wait.  This offer expires on October 31.

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Rider College Republicans


March 10, 2013
Dear friends,


I’m writing you today about a critical issue: the future of the Republican Party!
In order to win future elections and ensure our party’s existence, it is crucial we support college organizations which help foster the next generation of Republican leaders. As they study to provide themselves with a prosperous future, they volunteer tirelessly for Republican causes. I’m asking you, to join me now in supporting, The Rider University College Republicans “Rider CR’s”!


They volunteered their time on numerous campaigns from the mayor’s race of Dick Woodbridge in Princeton to my very own US Senate campaign. Whether they are helping a campaign, attending a rally, manning phone banks or walking door to door, they are the crutch that holds this party together.


The Rider CR’s have helped and supported so many great candidates, but now they need our help and support!


For information on CPAC 2013, please visit their website:http://conservative.org/cpac/2013/
They are raising funds so they can travel to the Conservative Political Action Conference, “CPAC”, in Washington DC, March 14 – March 16, 2013. CPAC is, it’s a multi-day conference with speakers such as Sen. Marco Rubio and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.


The conference offers many networking opportunities and offers valuable internships on Capitol Hill! CPAC is a great opportunity for future leaders to learn the skills they will need to bring our party into the future!


I ask you, again, to please join me in supporting the Rider CR’s by donating $500, $200, $100 or whatever you can afford.


You can donate online using a credit or debit card by clicking the following link:


I hope you will join me and help these young adults secure their path in the Republican Party!


Inline image 5

Senator Joe Kyrillos

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