Rutgers professor who helped create coronavirus saliva test dies

A Rutgers research professor whose work led to the creation of the first coronavirus saliva-based test died unexpectedly on Saturday, the university announced Tuesday.

The cause of death for Andrew Brooks, 51, who was a research professor in Rutgers-New Brunswick’s School of Arts and Sciences in the Department of Genetics, was not released by the university.

Brooks’ saliva-based test received FDA emergency approval last spring and has played a significant role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, school officials said. Since that time, more than four million of the tests, which were the…

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One Comment on “Rutgers professor who helped create coronavirus saliva test dies”

  1. Norma JeanSavitsky said at 11:36 am on January 27th, 2021:

    What did Dr. Andrew Brooks Know that was a Threat to Big Farma? Was he about to tell how unreliable the test really is?