Murphy denies dining indoors. Is he telling the truth?

Governor Phil Murphy denied dining indoors during the COVID-19 shutdown, “except at my house,” during his knucklehead briefing on Tuesday.

NJ.com reporter Matt Arco asked the Governor if he had dined indoors at any time since issuing his Executive Order shutting down restaurants.

Murphy said he hasn’t eaten indoors, other than in his house.

We know that is not true. He dined with President Trump in Bedminister the weekend before last. But that is OK, because it was with the President and because he got federal funding for a bridge over desert.

What’s been happening at Murphy’s house? Ask your kids who follow Murphy’s kids on Snapchat. Several parents have called me, but none of their kids are willing to take a screenshot and risk getting unfriended.

Several people have also called since March claiming that Murphy is dining in Red Bank and Middletown restaurants where his personal chef has privledges. But no one has gone on the record or sent photos. If you have photos, send them to me.

Maybe, as Murphy claimed in his Tuesday knucklehead briefing, this is irresponsible gossip. Maybe its not. But if their is blood on anyone’s hands, as the Governor claims, it is his, not the gossiper’s and social media trolls’.

In this crisis we need credible leadership. Leadership by example as well as by words. Murphy surrendered that mantle on the streets of Hillside on June 7 when he joined a BLM protest in violation of his own Executive Orders.

New Jersey puts up with a lot from its elected officials. We draw the line at double standards and hypocrisy. That’s why Chris Christie will never live down his beach chair moment.

It doesn’t matter if Martell’s Bayville Tiki Bar is indoors or outdoors. It is actually neither…a non-binary structure… to borrow a phrase. Murphy should amend his dining Executive Orders to include “open air dining” to cover the many structures like that along the Jersey Shore.

And another thing…why was Murphy wearing the same shirt during the protest in Hillside that he wore at Martell’s Waters Edge? There must be a hidden meaning.

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One Comment on “Murphy denies dining indoors. Is he telling the truth?”

  1. NJ Fun Facts... said at 12:12 pm on July 3rd, 2020:

    …Henry VIII also had a personal chef, who travelled with him and his entourage around jolly ole’ England, back in the day. His chef also had “privileges” at every home and restaurant along the route.

    Murphy’s just working out his “Medieval Revival Policy for NJ”, that’s all.