O’Scanlon will dine at 30 restaurants in 30 days

Senator Declan O’Scanlon placing his order at Sissy’s in Atlantic Highlands

State Senator hopes to avoid gaining 30 pounds

Senator Declan O’Scanlon, Jr. announced today that he is celebrating the reopening of New Jersey’s restaurants with by patronizing 30 Monmouth County eateries in 30 days.

O’Scanlon launched his tour this morning at Sissy’s at the Harbor in Atlantic Highlands.

“The pandemic lockdown has been brutal on so many businesses” said O’Scanlon, “None have been hit harder than restaurants. Some did well with takeout, but many took tremendous, potentially fatal hits to their bottom lines. NOW is our chance to help them bounce back and survive.”

O’Scanlon announced his “30 Days-30 Restaurants-30 lbs!!”* tour! “We’re going to try to hit 30 in 30!!” said O’Scanlon. “The asterisk is to leave a little wiggle room because some days I may have work and family obligations. Oh, and the 30 lbs isn’t a goal…it’s a warning! I’m going to try NOT to gain 30 lbs! But I do like to eat…and it’s for a good cause…!!”

O’Scanlon started working a group of restaurateurs at the start of the lockdown through a text group. It grew to 30 participants. “It was an organic coming-together of people in the industry…fine dining, local haunts, luncheonettes, some with liquor licenses, some BYO. A real cross-section of the industry providing me real insight to the challenges they face. It helped me be a much more effective representative of their concerns & needs. This period has been terrifying for all of them…that’s universal.”

O’Scanlon will be dining at restaurants throughout the 13th legislative district and Monmouth County. “We’ve started already…I was at Sissy’s Restaurant in Atlantic Highlands this morning – fabulous omelette!!  Will be at Woody’s in Sea Bright tonight for dinner!  Our restaurants have been ready to reopen for weeks. It’s crushed them to see these past few, precious summer weekends pass them by as neighboring states opened up, and our Governor inexplicably kept them closed. So we have some ground to make up.  Let’s do it!”

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2 Comments on “O’Scanlon will dine at 30 restaurants in 30 days”

  1. He can afford to said at 8:53 pm on June 16th, 2020:

    gain a few! While the rest of us have gained, being trapped in,for months..) been doing a couple of drives down some major county highways since” outside dining” was graciously allowed, have seen not a lot of places set up and ready to go: they either don’t have much outside footage to start with, or the “ view” from the tables is a busy highway, or, people aren’t yet flocking to a formerly favorite place. The damage done to especially the small businesses, owners, their employees, and, of course, the lack of tax revenue, is going to be felt for a long time. (and the Trenton geniuses are already raising tolls and taxes to make up for their heavy hands.) Let the places open up inside now, clean, distanced, masked, but let well adults make up their own minds, enjoy themselves for a change, and help the true lifeblood of our economy,now!

  2. Very nice said at 9:17 am on June 19th, 2020:

    of Sissy’s to provide the Senator with a booster seat for his meal.