Rep Chris Smith is supporting County Governments’ Work To Thwart The Spread of COVID-19

Congressman Chris Smith working in his Hamilton office

Monmouth County Freeholders Sue Kiley and Nick DiRocco, joined by County Administrator Teri O’Connor, briefed Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) on the work being done in Monmouth to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus, as well as to help County residents deal with the stressors the pandemic may bring.

Smith said that though the County is limiting visitors to all offices, all golf courses, parks and open spaces remain open and may offer needed respite. The Freeholders also discuss the testing, screening and tracing being done, and also briefed the congressman on the bank of volunteers who are answering calls at the Monmouth County Health Department.

Smith has also been conferring with Mercer and Ocean official on the response. He offered any and all help to county officials as the federal government, working under President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration, addresses numerous impacts of the virus in Central New Jersey. Smith also detailed how the House of Representatives on Saturday passed its second comprehensive bipartisan bill to combat the coronavirus (COVID 19), saying that “containing the outbreak, finding a cure and a safe and effective vaccine must be our highest priority—no matter the cost.”

     “We must contain the coronavirus pandemic and protect all people, especially those most vulnerable to the disease such as the elderly and those with serious chronic medical conditions,” said Rep. Smith. Smith strongly supported and voted in favor of the measure just hours after President Trump declared the coronavirus a national emergency, opening the door for states and local governments to receive additional federal assistance.

     The Monmouth County Health Department phone bank is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and can be reached at 732-845-2070.


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