Murphy recommends cancelling gatherings of more than 250

Governor Phil Murphy has recommended that all meetings and events in New Jersey of more than 250 people be cancelled, based upon guidance received from the NJ Commissioner of Health.

“Today, based on guidance we have received from the Commissioner of Health, we are recommending the cancellation of all public gatherings throughout New Jersey of more than 250 individuals, including concerts, sporting events, and parades. These measures are being taken as part of our coordinated response to the continued outbreak and to aggressively mitigate the spread of the virus. Additionally, for all events, we recommend that everyone practice commonsense hygiene, like washing hands routinely, staying home if you do not feel well, and keeping a six-foot distance from others.

“Our frontline efforts right now must be to aggressively mitigate the potential for exposure and further spread. We are taking this step because social distancing works. It is our best chance to ‘flatten the curve’ and mitigate the chance of rapid spread, so we can respond to this public health emergency in an even more focused manner.”

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3 Comments on “Murphy recommends cancelling gatherings of more than 250”

  1. Sharon said at 5:50 pm on March 12th, 2020:

    Stop with the knee jerk over reactions! The swine flu killed way more people and states didn’t cancel events! Get a grip and stop freaking people out!

  2. What Sharon Said, And said at 7:19 pm on March 12th, 2020:

    Are they saying someone in a crowd of 249 someone can’t get Corona virus? How did they come up with such am arbitrary number. My God people just keep on living take precautions and if you’re at risk don’t go to large events even if they’re 25 people. Use common sense.

  3. Probably said at 7:22 am on March 13th, 2020:

    because that would mean several bars and restaurants would have to close and you know the NJRHA ain’t having that!