Atlantic Cinemas Takes Measures To Protect Customers’ Health

Atlantic Cinemas, Atlantic Highlands, announced today that they are drastically limiting their ticket sales in order that patrons will be able to enjoy first run movies without sitting too close to other customers.  These measures are being taken to address concerns expressed by their patrons in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Effective immediately the theater will only sell 1/3 of the seating capacity for each of their five screens.

Maximum seating for movies will be as follows until the crisis subsides:

  • Screen #1, normally 210 seats, only 80 seats.
  • Screen #2, normally 170 seats, only 57 seats.
  • Screen #3, normally 168 seats, only 56 seats.
  • Screen #4, normally 140 seats, only 47 seats.
  • Screen #5, normally 95 seats, only 32 seats.

“We will not sell any more seats than one-third capacity for any given show,” said owner Fred Rast.  “In addition, we have arranged for all carpets to immediately be steam cleaned and sanitized. During this last summer, we had all seats steamed cleaned and sanitized. Our cleanly crew will immediately make additional efforts to sanitize all bathroom facilities and common areas.

“Further, as you may know we never converted to the large lounge chairs, where people have their faces and heads touching the high backs of the chairs which can lead to high possibilities of germ transmission. We have also added hand sanitizers at the entrance of every screen for patrons use.”

For the week of Friday, March 13 through Thursday March 19, Atlantic Cinemas is showing the following movies:

Onward (PG)

The Invisible Man (R)

The Call of The Wild (PG)

Impractical Jokers: The Movie (PG-13)


The Etruscan Smile (R)

Showtimes can be found here.

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