Greg’s List: Places to Donate this Holiday Season

By Greg Kelly


I’ve heard genuine praise — along with masses of web traffic — for my “Greg’s List: Things to Do in Monmouth County this Weekend.” The list has been published here at More Monmouth Musings prior to every weekend for going on 7 years now. I don’t think I’ve missed a weekend.


Compliments about the list include: “There’s nothing like it on the web.” “I don’t start my weekend without it.” “It really tells me what’s happening.” “It’s a fantastic resource.” “I get it all in one stop.” “It’s amazing all the good stuff to do for Monmouth County weekends.” “It’s the most complete things-to-do list around.”


Kudos to MMM publisher Art Gallagher for keeping the list going — the guy loves Monmouth County. I also thank the thousands and thousands of visitors who love and use the list every weekend.


Now is the season for a different kind of Greg’s List. I offer another Monmouth County-focused, comprehensive list. This one is about giving back to the county.


The following is a list of Monmouth County charitable/volunteer/service organizations(along with some worthy arts groups) that help the needy as well as the community-at-large. Don’t forget about them and their good works this holiday season. Even If things are tight, pick one and make a good donation.


(It’s prudent to give locally too—a nice donation to your community’s police, fire, first aid and/or public works department is a smart and safe gift).



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Greg Kelly, a longtime journalist, is publisher of MonmouthBeachLife.com. He welcomes comments at [email protected].

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