5 Important Reasons to Get CompTIA A+ Certification with PrepAway Study Materials

Your path to IT career success starts with the A+ credential offered by the globally known certification provider CompTIA. This leading IT vendor issues various vendor-neutral certifications for candidates with different skill levels. Thus, if you are just a newcomer in IT the ITF+ credential is right for you. When you determine to build a career in IT, you can opt for A+, and after the decision to grow your skills, you can gain Network+ or Security+ credentials among many. Thus, A+ provides a stepping stone to careers in IT and other pathway certifications.

The CompTIA A+ certification checks your skills to perform the tasks related to networking systems, operating systems, mobile devices, and security. To take any set of exams (220-901 and 220-902, or 220-1001 and 220-1002) needed to pass before gaining the certification, you should be able to troubleshoot and help users to be connected to the data they need in their work.

Getting CompTIA A+ certified shows dedication to your career, gives you job proficiency and helps you remain employable and competitive in technical support and IT operational roles. Therefore, as employers continue seeking qualified IT professionals, acquiring the CompTIA A+ certification is vital for anyone seeking a better remuneration and thriving IT career.

CompTIA A+ credential is backed by the most recognized InfoSec firm in the world. However, to get certified, you must adequately train and prepare to pass the required exams. Various sites, including PrepAway, offer access to exam preparation materials. Still wondering why you need to be CompTIA A+ Certified?  Below is a list of reasons which will give you more in-depth insight, keep reading;


More Opportunities in Your IT Career

Being CompTIA A+ certified is proof enough that you are serious about your IT career. It also means that you are well versed with the innovate basics of computer software and hardware.

Majority of employers are also looking to hire IT professionals equipped with knowledge on how to troubleshoot multiple devices, particularly, smartphones and computers. Whether you’re a beginner or working on advancing your job, the CompTIA A+ certification will help you open another door to your career growth. Once you get CompTIA A+ certified, you will realize that there will be many job openings available and your compensation will be higher than that of non- certified professionals. It’s a well-known fact that besides increasing your payments to an average annual salary of $ 59,000, getting CompTIA A+ certified will open you up to attractively paid job positions such as:

  • Desktop Support Technician
  • PC and Hardware Repair
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Help Desk Technician

No Geographical Limitations

The CompTIA A+ certification opens a myriad of opportunities and counts for over two million certified professionals in the world. Since there’s a rising IT skills demand, you can easily build your career with the CompTIA A+ certification without any limitations. Bearing in mind, that CompTIA is a globally recognized vendor, you can choose to work in any part of the country or the world.


Once you are CompTIA A+ certified, your foundational infrastructure and security skills are validated, and this unlocks other advanced certifications out there to showcase your expertise and grow your career to more significant heights. Some of the higher certifications include Network+, Security+, Server+, CASP, among many.

The value of the CompTIA A+ certification will expose you to becoming a part of the CompTIA A+ community which will present you to colleagues in the same industry, latest industry trends, and updates, as well as job vacancies. Additionally, you will be not only valuable to the employer in your state or country, but also international employers; because the CompTIA A+ is ISO/ANSI accredited.

Enables You to Work Remotely

The globe is dynamic, and many jobs nowadays do not require you to work from the office, and the IT industry is not an exception. Getting CompTIA A+ certified with the right skills will give you an advantage of working from a location of your choice.

Improved Work-life Balance

Achieving a work-life balance in your career path is not as easy as many would think. Enhancing your skills will help you perform your duties effortlessly and with prowess, thus delivering results without much stress. It also means that you will carry out your career duties with ease, and have time for your personal life. A physically demanding career is unsatisfying. It also subjects you to physical and mental stress. As if that is not enough, it will leave you with no time to be with relatives and friends.

However, if you pursue an IT career enriched with the CompTIA A+ certification, you are assured of a work-life balance. The stress levels are also manageable, which allows you to increase productivity and pursue opportunities for promotion. Lastly, as crucial as financial goals are essential, achieving your IT career goals by passing CompTIA A+ exams, will in a general view, improve your physical and mental health.

Career Achievement Satisfaction

Although IT career comes with enviable paybacks and eminence, the journey to attaining highly-recognized professional credentials is something to take with pride. Since passing Comp TIA A+ certification exams takes much effort, and commitment to study for days, weeks or months to earn your certification, successful completion and getting an award will be a satisfying achievement worth some pride. It will also increase your confidence in your work because you have kept up with the latest innovations in the IT Industry.

If you are looking into pursuing additional accreditation by getting the CompTIA A+ certification, do not fret, it is easy to find online study and exam preparation materials on PrepAway website.

How to Prepare?

Preferences on the mode of study may differ from one individual to another. Some individuals may prefer in-class training in the CompTIA accredited center, while some will prefer training at one’s own pace. For that, you can search for some additional web resources on the internet. One of the most reliable study material providers for A+ certification is PrepAway online platform. To pass CompTIA A+ certification exams you will need proper training. On PrepAway website you can find a great collection of the most updated exam dumps. They are the best tool to revise the learned material and get the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam. In addition, at PrepAway you can take the video courses led by the real UT experts. The instructors will share the details on the exam that you won’t find anywhere else. Here can find informative articles about certifications and tips on how to pass the exams.

Final Thoughts

Getting the CompTIA A+ certification is a significant IT occupation achievement because, it will improve your skills, open many job opportunities, and give you a sense of accomplishment in your career and personal life. It is therefore essential to get the knowledge that matches IT industry employer’s expectations. For that, get the proper preparation with CompTIA and PrepAway websites! Wish you all the best!


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