Rep. Chris Smith’s remarks on the Mueller Report

Congressman Chris Smith issued the following statement regarding the Mueller report:

“After almost two years of vigorous investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller—aided by 19 lawyers, about 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants and others—has found that there was no collusion whatsoever by President Trump (or anyone associated with his campaign) with the Russians to influence the 2016 election.  This vindication is good news for America, not so good for the credibility of those who insisted on an almost daily basis that there was ample evidence which demonstrated that the President was guilty of collusion. In the end, Mueller’s Report proves that the truth matters. False charges should have no place in American politics.”

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15 Comments on “Rep. Chris Smith’s remarks on the Mueller Report”

  1. Jeanine said at 8:15 am on March 25th, 2019:

    Collusion is not a crime. However, treason, obstruction of justice and tax fraud are and are the focus of the other investigations against mr trump and his crime syndicate. We must remove him from office by any means.

    Mr. Smith i have voted for you when i lived in Hamilton and im disappointed in this response to trumps nazi administration.

  2. @Jeanine said at 10:04 am on March 25th, 2019:

    “We must remove him from office by any means.” Really. Like what, Jeanine? Read out loud what you wrote and listen to yourself. This is not St. Petersburg in 1917, nor are you John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald, so “by any means” just sounds stupid. We get that you don’t like the guy, that’s fine, but grow up. You’ll have your opportunity to remove him from office in November 2020.
    And Nazi administration? Again, we get that you don’t like the guy, but all you accomplish here is to insult those who had to endure the National Socialist regime’s reign of terror in Europe, and to insult those who fought to defeat it.

  3. Bill said at 11:15 am on March 25th, 2019:

    Jeanine- you people won’t give up will you? What a bunch of losers

  4. Kerri said at 4:56 pm on March 25th, 2019:

    Treason really? You must be confused with the other party…obstruction of Justice? Where? Tax Fraud?? Why, because he is worth a lot of money? Because he and his lawyers know tax loopholes? How about this…be quiet for 2 years, let our president do his job and then vote in 2020 on his merits. Or vote for Cory Booker..

  5. Another Swamp Creature said at 8:14 pm on March 25th, 2019:

    Chris Smith talks a good game about the 911 heroes but doesn’t stand up in the halls of Congress to defend hero John McCain from the vile assaults of the leader of his party. Another career politician who dreads making an honest living.

  6. I will said at 9:47 pm on March 25th, 2019:

    NOT let you defame the Congressman from the great state of Virginia with that kind of talk, buddy. Show some respect.

  7. Hey Art: said at 7:31 pm on March 26th, 2019:

    Any idea how many congresspeople actually have condos, apartments, etc near DC to stay in, while they are working on Capitol Hill?? I’d bet it’s quite a few! If this silly, ongoing charge is all they’ve got on a decent, hardworking public servant who actually gets meaningful work done for people, guess he’ll be in until he decides to retire. I for one, feel glad we still have him..Good grief!

  8. Ah Jeeeze Louise Jeanine said at 5:56 pm on March 27th, 2019:

    Will you please stop with the “nazi” & “crime syndicate” rhetoric. You’re embarrassing yourself. Secondly, you’re for a coup? Really ? THAT’S Treason. You really need to up your meds for your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    NOW, please provide us with the incontrovertible, irrefutable and unassailable proof that President Trump obstructed justice. Remember, opinions don’t count.

  9. @ Another Swamp Creature said at 6:02 pm on March 27th, 2019:

    About that McCain.

    First, you do remember the “Keating Five,” right?


    Second, you do remember McCain scuttling the Obamacare fix, right?


    And finally, imagine how McCain would have felt if Trump shared an unverified dossier to scuttle his candidacy and Presidency.


    Please spare us “The McCain Sainthood Award” McCain was no saint.

  10. @Swamp Defender said at 7:20 pm on March 27th, 2019:

    Chris Smith’s FB page in Aug 2018:

    Senator John McCain was an extraordinarily brave and noble man—a hero—a dedicated husband, father, fighter pilot, and an amazing lawmaker. He endured and overcame unspeakable horrors as a POW, and as a lawmaker never ceased working for members of our armed forces and veterans. And on matters of principle and conviction, Senator McCain was fiercely independent, always willing—even eager—to bend into the wind and not with it.

    My wife Marie and I will always cherish and deeply respect the incomparable Senator John McCain. Our prayers go out to Cindy, and to his entire family.

    Chris Smith’s FB page in March 2019 after Trump’s attacks on the deceased McCain:


    As we can see, it would have been very easy to issue a statement. He wouldn’t even have to face his constituents to do so. With Congressmen like this, who needs enemies.

  11. We have said at 9:12 pm on March 27th, 2019:

    11 congressional “ enemies” right now, in NJ’s delegation, unfortunately: they are called Democrats. Those would be the ones who hate our country, president, and taxpayers, with their platforms, promises, and votes. If Chris felt obligated to praise the military service of Mc Cain when he died, so be it, who cares? Many of us believe the guy, ill with brain cancer, and angry he ran a poor presidential campaign and lost, couldn’t abide that another guy he didn’t like, made it..there are a lot of sore losers out there, as we know.. it’s now a whatever, and it’s past time to move on to today’s problems, which are too many.

  12. You have...nothing said at 1:36 pm on March 28th, 2019:

    Nothing left in the Republican agenda but pot stirring and name calling. That you think the entire duly elected New Jersey delegation, except for the lone Republican are enemies of America says it all. Today’s GOP is to political parties what Scientology is to religion. When George Will is embarassed to be a Republican, you know you have gone over the deep end.

  13. Maybe said at 4:38 pm on March 28th, 2019:

    George Will went around the mental bend when he became a hateful never- Trump-er. You don’t like it when Dems get called enemies of the people? Too bad. Those who support overturning a duly- elected president because they are jealous, don’t like him, or just can’t get over losing, are a problem for the republic. Those who want to enact more total government control over every aspect over our lives, healthcare, hard-earned money, sugar drinks, a steak, and airplanes, well, seem like enemies to many of us, which we are allowed to believe whether you like it or not.

  14. Kings and queens said at 4:41 pm on March 28th, 2019:

    of “ pot-stirring: “ the mainstream media, and those who write their nasty, inaccurate, untruthful and incessant talking points, every single day, for two years, the Democrat party!

  15. Red Meat for Maybe said at 8:25 pm on March 28th, 2019:

    Everyone Republican that stands up to Trump is accused of being mentally ill. Straight out of the Russian playbook. Will you send them to the gulag? Guess that’s why NJ’s last Republican Smith kowtows as well.

    That you think George Will has “gone around the bend” but that Donald Trump is an example of sanity and stability says it all. No one is trying to steal your steak and Pepsi. That you even utter such mindless drivel should embarass you. Don’t embarass your party further by ranting about the 28 year old AOC. But you know you can’t resist.