The Arnone Report: Progress at the dump and other good news

By Monmouth County Freeholder Director Tom Arnone

Happy February! I hope everyone has been staying safe and warm this past week with the extremely cold weather. I’m excited that our friend Punxsutawney Phil did not see is shadow signaling that an early spring will be upon us.

Many exciting things have taken place last couple weeks.

On January 28, I participated in a Town Hall style meeting in Tinton Falls with Senator Vin Gopal as well as County and State employees to address the community’s concerns about the recent increase in odor coming from the reclamation center.  The several hundred people who showed up at the meeting, and many who didn’t, are justifiably concerned about the environmental impact of the dump on the health of our residents as well as property values.

I thank Senator Gopal for his partnership on this issue, especially with regard to bringing the State DEP onboard.  I want the Tinton Falls and surrounding communities’ residents to rest assured that your health and safety is the County’s paramount concern.  In the coming weeks and months, myself and the other freeholders will have some very positive announcements to make about the future of the reclamation center.   In the meantime, we are grateful that the work we are doing is working to reduce the odor at the dump.

I had the opportunity with Sheriff Shaun Golden to join former Governor James McGreevey at a press conference for NJBUILD to promote their Pre-Apprenticeship program that is now available to Monmouth County residents. This beneficial program provides free training programs across multiple counties.  Our main focus is to keep Monmouth County residents working and I am proud to support a program that will help ensure that.

I was also able to attend the Ribbon Cutting for the Monmouth County Health Department’s new building. I am so glad that this historic building was renovated and is continuing to be used by the County. As I always say, infrastructure will be here long after we are all gone and it is so important that we preserve them.

Another exciting event I was able to attend was the Monmouth County Fire Academy Firefighter 1 Class 122 Graduation. I am so proud of these young men and women for their dedication and service to our County!

In addition, I co-hosted an Elected Officials Workshop with Monmouth County Clerk Christine Hanlon. It was such a great event that gave elected officials, whether newly elected or experienced, the opportunity to learn a lot of important information about all aspects of County government. We had speakers from many different departments throughout the County give presentations and the turnout was fantastic!

On another note, this month our Tourism Department attended the New York City Boat Show. They will be attending several trade and travel shows with our tourism partners this winter to promote all Monmouth County has to offer our visitors. I am proud to serve as liaison to this department which is a 2.5 billion industry in Monmouth County.

Lastly, I want to mention that we are just a little more than two months away from Made in Monmouth at Monmouth University. As liaison to the department of Economic Development I would like to encourage all residents and visitors to take advantage of this free event that features hundreds of consumer products made right here in Monmouth County.

As always, it’s a privilege to serve as your Freeholder Director.


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8 Comments on “The Arnone Report: Progress at the dump and other good news”

  1. Newer residents said at 11:07 am on February 5th, 2019:

    need to understand that a grave injustice was done to the county, back in 1990, when a small group of hysterical people stirred up inaccurate narratives against the county building an incinerator at the landfill site- that board made the mistake of putting a “ non- binding” referendum on the ballot- and when they got done, it was defeated, so they abandoned the project. Folks: modern incinerators, with the proper safeguards and scrubbers, are far more safe and environmentally efficient, than continuing to go higher with the pile, ( due to the ever- increasing population into this county,) and spending millions on the odor neutralizers, the falcons to chase the gulls off the trash, and capping the old sections. It is past time to re- visit building modern, clean technology at that landfill. People do not realize how much more it would cost them on your taxes, to have your garbage trucked out of state, or into ocean barges. Time to support the freeholders in finding better ways to dispose of all our trash, rather than just complain about the smell, which no one wants.. Ps: what would possess anyone to buy close to a landfill, anyway?

  2. Because said at 2:32 pm on February 5th, 2019:

    Tinton Falls is a very attractive town due to its location, schools, (relative) affordability, etc. The vast majority of the apartments and townhouses are located in the south end of town which is by the Reclamation Center.

  3. I know where they are, said at 5:08 pm on February 5th, 2019:

    and great if you love the town. Ever wonder though, why your local taxes aren’t lower, given the millions in host fees the town receives from the county, each year? That’d be a question for the governing body… but, I do know many of the odor and seagull poop complaints come from those townhouses right across the street.. duh?

  4. I said at 6:27 pm on February 5th, 2019:

    know the answer, do you? I’ll give you a hint, it happened back in the 80s.

  5. Nope. said at 5:32 pm on February 6th, 2019:

    Enlighten us!

  6. Certainly said at 8:42 pm on February 6th, 2019:

    In the 1980s the Tinton Falls BOE cut a deal with the Navy where in exchange for millions of educational infrastructure and a per pupil subsidy, they would educate students residing on NWS Earle. However, as time wore on, that subsidy dwindled to practically nothing and the the taxpayers of TF were left footing the vast majority of the cost for the Navy children.

  7. Ok, said at 10:16 am on February 7th, 2019:

    so you are saying increases in the schools’ portion of the tax bill eats up the host fees from the landfill? It doesn’t explain why folks would build, and buy, so close to the landfill, though.. just asking for trouble, one would think.. have heard for years, people complaining about their property values, but one really needs to carefully consider all the surroundings of the location, location, location, when they choose to buy a place…

  8. Oh I'm sure said at 9:24 pm on February 7th, 2019:

    other shenanigans were taking place from a higher level as well. I mean, that town elected a 91 year old man to be Mayor after decades of Gerry Turning unilaterally running things (through various Mayors starting with McNamara) with no fear of reprisal.