Local Bank Offers Mortgage Relief For Borrowers Impacted By Federal Shutdown

OceanFirst Bank N.A. is offering a forbearance or temporary suspension of mortgage and home equity loan payments for up to 90 days to its customers who work for the federal government or businesses affected by the government shutdown, the bank announced last week.

“As a community bank, OceanFirst wants to provide support to every mortgage customer who works for the federal government or businesses that are affected by the current shutdown,” said Anthony Giordano, III, OceanFirst Bank’s Senior Vice President and Senior Operations Officer. “We recognize these are stressful times for these customers, many of whom are worried about meeting their mortgage and other financial obligations, especially if there is a prolonged shutdown. By offering the Mortgage Relief Program, we hope we can ease any concerns relating to their mortgage or home equity loan until they get back to work and are paid.”

Borrowers wishing to participate in the Mortgage Relief Program must contact OceanFirst Bank and apply. For additional information or to apply, please call 732-240-4500 ext.7714 or email  .

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2 Comments on “Local Bank Offers Mortgage Relief For Borrowers Impacted By Federal Shutdown”

  1. crooked bank for crooked people? said at 5:49 pm on January 13th, 2019:

    Asking seriously; Is Ocean First a legit bank? I only ask because it is most recently referenced in the Gilmore story. A quick search would show Ocean First involved in a number of other high profile corruption cases. Anthony Giordano is or was a somewhat crooked Long Branch city coucil member (Dwek was it?) according to some claims.

    Is OF just a large bank where a small percentage of its dealings seem to deal with some corruption problem, or is it a bank there just to foster corruption for corrupt people by corrupt people? Or is it even just a front for IRS/FBI stings?

    Anything seems better than Wells Fargo these days, but it seems like so many local corruption cases have had some connection with Ocean First.

  2. Art Gallagher said at 5:58 pm on January 13th, 2019:

    Ocean First is a legit bank and Anthony Giordano is a fine man who, to my knowledge, was an outstanding public servant while on the Long Branch Council.