Will the “Women’s March Asbury Park” Protest the Latest “#MeToo Villain” Neil deGrasse Tyson, Appearing Here on Thursday?

By Tom DeSeno

No, they won’t.  The feminist group Women’s March Asbury Park will not protest the appearance of a man now thrice accused of sexual misconduct at his work and school, one woman claiming to have been drugged and raped.

They won’t; the Women’s Convention won’t. The Progressive “outrage team” won’t protest.  The “outrage team” is the political apparat of the Asbury Park City Council, who usually protests any social injustice, real or imagined.  But none of them will protest Tyson.

In fact, in this self-proclaimed haven of woke progressives and social justice warriors known as Asbury Park, not a single tattooed feminist will show up at Paramount Theater this Thursday with a protest sign against Tyson.  There will be ZERO support for women who say they were sexually harassed, molested and raped.   For the love of Bill Cosby, why not?

I’ll tell you why the feminists will fail to show for these women at the end of this piece.  First let’s set the stage.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium. He brings cosmology to the masses with TV shows, speeches, etc.  In science he is interesting and entertaining.

But Tyson has become a victim of sorts himself.  The cosmological start of the universe inevitably leads to questions about God and religion.  Tyson is an agnostic (not an atheist) who finds himself in the unfortunate position of being grilled about a subject in which he is not an expert – religion.  Forget expert – he’s not even a member.  Yet people are always asking this non-religious man for deep truths about religion.  Isn’t that a bit like asking Tyson, an astrophysicist, to be the final word on heart surgery or car mechanics?

He has complained himself that radical atheists and Secular Humanists have wrongfully adopted him as their anti-God hero.  Tyson has publicly rejected them for that.  But to the political left there is no greater power in the cosmos than the power of God the Internet.  Certainly, you have seen meme after meme brutally attacking God and religion plastered over the face of Tyson; ideas he does not share.  Social media posts are wrongfully shaping his public persona and he can’t do anything about it.

In the fake war between science and religion, atheists and America’s left have ironically erected Tyson as a false God.

While Tyson has noted, though not exuberantly heralded, various great Catholic moments in science (scientists associated with the Catholic Pontifical Academy of Sciences have over 70 Nobel Prizes), Tyson often apples up when discussing the Bible, thus running afoul of many Protestant interpretations.  He mistakes scientific confirmation of biblical passages as a usurpation of the Bible, or worse yet, a contradiction of the Bible. I don’t blame him – he has not claimed to be a biblical scholar. Unfortunately, Secular Humanists then magnify Tyson’s mistakes as confirmation of him as their atheist God-killer.

Now comes three women: Dr. Kately N. Allers claims Tyson, without consent, began handling her arm to see a solar system tattoo, then stuck his hand down her dress and said he was “looking for Pluto.” Ashley Watson worked with Tyson and claims he made so many inappropriate sexual advances she quit her job (in detailing her facts she describes Tyson’s verbal approaches and some weird passive/aggressive use of a knife).  The most serious of the allegations is from Tchiya Amet, a musician who says Tyson drugged and raped her.

So why did I bring religion into this?  These women’s allegations were first brought to light by a website called Patheos.  It is a website about spirituality where people can go to read about, talk about and learn about religion (all religions).

Uh oh.  So now the Secular Humanists are fearful that their God-killer will be killed by God’s on-line army.  What are the chances the stories of these three women get lost in that culture war?

The #MeToo movement started out great, but as we saw this summer, it was kidnapped and exploited for partisan politics at the Kavanagh hearings. The Internet made it “left vs right.”  Damn the Internet.  It wrongly transformed #MeToo into a political tool as fast as it turned Tyson into an atheist hero.  Both deserved better.

But politics are inevitable, and that brings me to why none of the vainglorious feminists of Asbury Park will support Tyson’s accusers: Tyson, now propped-up as anti-Bible, is unwittingly a political left-wing icon.  To the left, that makes him more important than a rape victim.

I have this constantly confirmed theory about America’s political left.  They break themselves up into victim identity groups for whom they claim undying care, but they don’t care for that identity as much as they care for the Democrat party winning elections.  Therefore, gay activists will throw other gays off the roof if they are politically center-right.  See Milo Yiannopolous.  Black Lives Matter will disregard black men if they are center-right.  See Ben Carson.  Democrats will spend $1.5 million defeating the first female Haitian-American congresswoman, and replace her with a white male, if she is a Republican. See Mia Love. It goes on and on. It is Democrat Party before minorities.

For Asbury Park’s neo-Klan Progressives, this favoritism of Democrats even guides their acceptance or rejection of religion.  Like the KKK before them, Asbury’s “outrage team” will judge Christians differently, if they see them as politically left or right.

Case in point: Look at this past summer.  Jonathan Shuttlesworth, a preacher perceived to be politically center-right came here for a week.  Under the pretext that this man believes gay sex is a sin, the City Council and their “outrage team” threw a week-long protest against him.  But two central figures on the “outrage team” are local pastors Nicole Harris and Semaj Vanzant.  Guess what – both Harris and Vanzant run churches that preach gay sex as a sin, just like Shuttlesworth.

So, if all three believe gay sex is a sin, why was only Shuttlesworth protested and not Harris/Vanzant?  Because the former is perceived to be a Republican, the latter Democrats.  Quod erat demonstrandum.

And that, my dear friends, is why Asbury’s rubber-stamped feminists will cast off three women: Because Neil DeGrasse Tyson is currently a Democrat hero.  It’s “bros before hos” for Asbury Park feminists.  Do you think they would hesitate to protest were Brett Kavanaugh coming to speak?

But who knows – maybe Asbury Park’s Progressives aren’t protesting because they finally learned from Tyson what they refused to learn from Kavanaugh:  In science as in law, you can’t expect people to accept your hypothesis (allegation) without first testing (trying) the proof (evidence).

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