Hugin: Menendez failed with closure of Fort Monmouth

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin was joined by Monmouth County Freeholders Pat Impreveduto and Gerry Scharfenberger at Fort Monmouth this afternoon to highlight the failure of Senator Bob Menendez in letting the fort close.

“Fort Monmouth’s closure had a devastating impact to this community and the economy, but the county leaders in Monmouth have turned a bad situation into a positive,” said Hugin. “They are making incredible progress to revitalize and redevelop the area and we have to make sure that our leaders in Washington and Trenton are doing everything they can to support their efforts to strengthen the economy and bring back jobs.”

“When the federal government closed Fort Monmouth, Bob Menendez failed to save thousands of New Jersey jobs. The federal government’s decision and the failure by our elected officials in Washington to stop it had a real world impact on thousands of people in our community,” said Scharfenberger. “But we’ve really made an omelette out of cracked eggs here and turned this into a positive. I can’t think of anyone better than Bob Hugin to make sure Washington gives New Jersey the resources we need.”

“We’ve made great progress revitalizing and repurposing this area despite the federal government’s decision to take away New Jersey jobs,” said Impreveduto. “It’s important that we have leaders in Washington like Bob Hugin, who will be a strong advocate for New Jersey and ensure the federal government is a willing partner in improving our economy.”

Impreveduto and Scharfenberger had Chipotle for lunch.

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One Comment on “Hugin: Menendez failed with closure of Fort Monmouth”

  1. Maybe, said at 2:04 pm on September 14th, 2018:

    but am thinking it was too long ago, to matter now- and, if not for the freeholders, there would be less organization and less progress at the re- building going on today. We put in early requests for as much land as we could get, and did get another park out of it..and a vet shelter.. And, if I recall correctly, the Base-closing committee was chaired by a former Republican gubernatorial candidate..it was depressing… sorry, I still do not believe Hugin’s main focus on the bribes Menendez got from his friend hits home as much as what he costs us. He needs to focus on how much Menendez has cost US as taxpayers, by not doing a better job of getting more Federal dollars back to NJ ( being so distracted by his getting indicted, and all!).. either that hits home, or the Dems scare tactics about Hugin’s cancer drug costs, and the fact that Menendez happens to be a minority, works, yet again…