Super Pooper Scoops $100K

The former Kenilworth schools superintendent on trial in Holmdel Municipal Court for serial pooping on the Township’s high school track will collect $100,000 from taxpayers of Kenilworth, according to multiple published reports.

Under the terms of his separation agreement with the Kenilworth Board of Education, Thomas Tramaglini, 42, will receive his full pay from the until his resignation becomes effective at the end of September. He will receive two months severance pay and $20,000 for unused vacation days.  The school district will not oppose his application for unemployment benefits.

Tramaglini has also put the Holmdel Police Department on notice that he will sue them for $1,000,000 for releasing his mugshot.

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One Comment on “Super Pooper Scoops $100K”

  1. When, fine N.J. legislators, said at 10:55 am on August 15th, 2018:

    are you going to finally do something about”un-used sick days??” Do a damn survey of all governmental units in this state: add up what people are getting when they leave their jobs. How many towns are BONDING for these outrageous payouts, while always claiming: “ well, we’ve capped it at $15,000, but that person is ‘grandfathered!’” It is bs, period, and a very expensive racket that needs to end, now. Get real about it, then maybe you can afford the one pension most workers earned. Am tired of paying for others’ arrogance and greed. And, this guy needs to be in a psychiatric hospital getting help, not paid off to leave.. this is both sad and ridiculous, at the same time!