Freeholders to name bridge for Kyrillos

The bridge over the Swimming River between Red Bank and Middletown, S-17, will be renamed for former State Senator Joe Kyrillos, Freeholder Director Tom Arnone announced on facebook last evening.

Kyrillos, 58 of Middletown, represented the 13th legislative district for 30 years, from 1988 -1992 in the Assembly and from 1992 until January of this year in the Senate.

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7 Comments on “Freeholders to name bridge for Kyrillos”

  1. Steve Adams said at 11:42 am on June 15th, 2018:

    Many places have a policy that monuments named for politicians doesn’t happen until they pass away.
    The embarrassing naming of the largest building on the County’s Brookdale Collage campus after a crooked and criminal politician is the perfect example. Larrison Hall memorializes a crooked politician on a campus where students are developing their moral compass. What Freeholder or Trustee has the integrity to undo that mistake and fix the problem? It would hopefully influence future office holders to take their oath of office as a real commitment to the citizens they serve.

  2. Give it up, Steve! said at 11:55 am on June 15th, 2018:

    Why must you continually divert another conversation back to your irrational hate of a man who literally built many of our county’s best features? I actually do agree with your original point that, it is better to name public structures after people pass away!

  3. So said at 1:41 pm on June 15th, 2018:

    what you’re saying is they should have waited til Harry was deceased to name buildings after him even though he was allegedly crooked? Gotcha.

  4. Steve Adams said at 3:52 pm on June 15th, 2018:

    No, I’m saying it was poor practice to allow Larrison to put his godchild on the Freeholder board, and then have the freeholders and trustees they control name the building for Larrison.
    Second, waiting for someone to die is usually enough time to make better informed decisions, after the skeletons come out of the many closets some public officials have.

  5. Ungrateful. said at 7:38 pm on June 15th, 2018:

    Unappreciating. Uninformed. Larrison was simply never proven guilty of ANY crime or problem. He was successful and did not need to do anything wrong. There would not be a Brookdale, and several other major, forward- looking facilities in this county,if not for that man. Period. Am sick of this tired old argument, and hope they never name anything after anyone, again!

  6. Ted Koch said at 10:08 am on June 16th, 2018:

    There aren’t Medal of Honor winners who are more deserving? A politician who has been paid by the public for 30 years somehow deserves something to be named after him because he allocated OUR money to public projects? Give me a break.

  7. Me said at 1:05 pm on June 16th, 2018:

    Kyrillos voted to increase my gasoline taxes by 23 cents a gallon. Honoring that son of a bitch is the last thing I would ever do.