Pezzullo praises Trump for signing “Right to Try” into law; Rips Pallone for his opposition

Rich Pezzullo, the Republican businessman seeking to unseat Congressman Frank Pallone in November, today applauded President Donald Trump for signing the Right to Try Act into law. The new law grants terminally ill patients the right to choose alternative treatment options when they have exhausted all fully FDA-approved treatment options.

President Trump signed the bill this afternoon.

“This is a victory for everyone in America who is struggling with a terminal illness, their families, and their loved ones,” said Pezzullo. “This is a victory for hope.”

Pezzullo said he was “incensed” by Pallone’s vocal opposition to the bill.

“This bill is common sense, this is what anybody with a heart would do. Frank Pallone’s consistent, vocal opposition to an effort to improve American lives demonstrates that he is cold, unfeeling, and cruel in his unflinching devotion to partisan politics,” Pezzullo said. “Now we have seen Frank Pallone’s true colors. 30 years in Washington has turned him in to a calculating politician with zero concern for human dignity. He must be defeated right here, right now.”

“Ours is a nation of fighters. We never run or hide from even the most monumental challenges. This bill offers hope to those brave Americans who need it most. While cowardly Frank Pallone desperately works to keep power in the hands of bureaucrats, I’m going to work to unleash courage and creativity and put power back in the hands of the American people.”

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