Casagrande joins U.S. State Department

Caroline Casagrande

Former Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande has taken a job in the United States State Department as a special advisor to Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Marie Royce.

As mandated by the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) works to build friendly, peaceful relations between the people of the United States and the people of other countries through academic, cultural, sports, and professional exchanges, as well as public -private partnerships, according to the bureau’s website.

Casagrande started the job on Monday, according the NewJerseyGlobe, the outlet that broke the news.

MMM has learned that Casagrande and her family will move to the Washington, DC area after the school year ends.

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10 Comments on “Casagrande joins U.S. State Department”

  1. Good for you, Caroline! said at 11:31 am on May 3rd, 2018:

    Glad you get to leave the Jersey swamp. Am sure you will help in cleaning out the DC swamp. Always felt she was under- appreciated and under- utilized in LD11. Will miss ya, but best of luck!

  2. Barry said at 12:02 pm on May 3rd, 2018:

    Good for her. Congrats

  3. Dirty Hippie said at 5:52 pm on May 3rd, 2018:

    Caroline Casagrande certainly knows how to feed at the public trough. While she was in the Legislature, she accepted lavish gifts from those who were seeking to influence the political process. (See the link below.) Talk about sleazy and unethical.


    The NJ Legislature is a much better place without Caroline Casagrande in it.

  4. Name me an official said at 7:12 pm on May 3rd, 2018:

    who has not traveled overseas in various capacities, while in office. Why can Democrats take all kinds of trips, ( such as our pal Menendez?)contributions, ( such as the erstwhile “Clinton Family Foundation?”- whatever,) as a course of business, but when Republicans do, they are crooks? Maybe people in front of glass screens shouldn’t throw written stones..

  5. Jealous, DH? said at 7:16 pm on May 3rd, 2018:

    Jobs have to be filled. Would rather have a conservative down there, than the looney tax- and-spend libs currently occupying the governor’s office and larger legislative majorities in Trenton!

  6. Always such negativity from one so very, very dirty. said at 4:27 am on May 4th, 2018:

    Dirty Dirtbag is nothing but a smear merchant who does his best to slime good people and neighbors, anywhere he can find them on the web. There have been some truly vile comments from that one. Pay him no mind.

    Karma’s a bitch, dude. Take a shower.

  7. Dirty Hippie said at 5:17 am on May 4th, 2018:

    Poster # 4, we were discussing Caroline Casagrande’s sins. We why you run off on a tangent and try to deflect attention away from what Casagrande did but mentioning the the unethical conduct of others? Are you trying to suggest that because others have have acted in a sleazy manner that it is somehow okay for Caroline Casagrande to do the same? Please tell us that your moral compass is not that perverse.

  8. Opps said at 5:19 am on May 4th, 2018:

    “By” mentioning and not “but” mentioning …. typo

  9. Jim Sa... I Mean Dirty Hippie said at 11:45 pm on May 6th, 2018:

    Jim, I really think you should see a mental health professional. Not joking, it is beyond crazy now…

  10. Dirty Hippie said at 12:27 pm on May 7th, 2018:

    Guessing, much like thinking, is not something that you do particularly well, Poster # 9. I am NOT Jim Sa or even Jim Sage.