Retired Middletown Cop Fled After Being Questioned About Child Sex Trafficking Activity

James Keenan

James Keenan, 47, the retired Middletown Police Officer arrested on a Child Sex Trafficking indictment last week,fled his Vancouver, WA home and returned to the New York area after authorities interviewed him regarding his relationship with a 17 year old Beaverton, Oregon girl.

In a motion to unseal Keenan’s indictment, Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott M. Kerin told the Court that the defendant was interviewed about the allegations against him approximately two weeks prior to his April 5, 2018 indictment. When attempting to serve an arrest warrant, the case agent found that Keenan showed up at his place of employment on March 30 and announced, without notice, that he was leaving and returning to New York.  Keenan’s Vancouver home was found vacant and his car could not be located.

According to the indictment which was unsealed after Kerin’s motion, Keenan knowingly enticed a 17 year old Beaverton girl to engaged in a commercial sex act on March 9, 2018.  He attempted to do so again on March 20.

Keenan was arrested in Hazlet, where he owns a home according to county records, on April 11. He is being held in the Monmouth County Correctional Institution pending his bail hearing in U.S. District Court, Trenton, this afternoon.

An official with the NJ Treasury Department told MMM that the state would move to strip Keenan of his $79,876 annual pension if he is convicted of the charges against him.

Keenan. James Indictment
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7 Comments on “Retired Middletown Cop Fled After Being Questioned About Child Sex Trafficking Activity”

  1. Dirty Hippie said at 4:56 pm on April 16th, 2018:

    According to Pacer.gov, James Keenan was ordered released today on an unsecured bond of $50,000. Keenan has a co-signor on that bond and a third party custodian by the name of Kathrine Foley. Keenan was represented by Charles Uliano.

  2. Dirty Hippie said at 4:59 pm on April 16th, 2018:

    I misspelled the co-signor and custodian’s name. Her name is Kathrine Fowlie. My apologies for the error.

  3. Joeycusaxk said at 8:24 pm on April 16th, 2018:

    What world does he not scream flight risk? Has he already pled not guilty?

  4. Joeycusack said at 9:27 pm on April 16th, 2018:

    You are sure, dirty hippie? I’ve read two different sources that he was denied bail.

  5. Dirty Hippie said at 2:26 am on April 17th, 2018:

    What were your sources, JoeyCusack? Pacer.gov is run by the US Courts. I trust the documents found on that site.

  6. Joeycusack said at 5:30 pm on April 17th, 2018:

    I realize that now, just didn’t want it to be true. I know this guy and he’s a first rate piece of shit. Beyond irritated that he’s enjoying the comforts of his mother’s house.
    There’s a good chance he ll kill himself, as the sentencing guidelines for his crimes are not light. I want this prick to pay for how he treats people.

  7. Concerned Middletown resident said at 9:05 pm on April 17th, 2018:

    If this were any other citizen bail would be denied ! He already showed he was a flight risk ! Shame on the JUDGE AND PROSECUTORS! This man is the definition of SCUM! Throughout his career he screwed countless people over with trumped up charges! This is the second person out of that station house to face charges recently I think an investigation should be launched ! This man deserves everything he has coming to him! What scum for doing that to a minor! We should all be scared that this man walks the streets! I’m tired of my comments being moderated also ! Post this and let the reader decide !