Art G and Tommy G on the radio this afternoon

MMM publisher Art Gallagher will be Tommy G’s guest this afternoon at 4:06 PM on the best afternoon drive time radio show in New Jersey.

Tommy and Art will be discussing the tragedy in Parkland, Florida—and the apparent police failure there.  We’ll discuss weather or not schools in NJ should have armed police officers and/or teachers.

We also address the tragic shooting in Asbury Park last week that resulting in the death of 10 year old Yovanni Banos-Merino.

Should prisoner’s be able to vote in New Jersey?  Is that a social justice issue? You’ll love Art’s answer to that question.

If all goes as planned, we’ll finish the segment by grading Governor Phil Murphy’s first month in office.

Tommy’s show is always good for laughs and provocative conversation about local, state and national news.   Tune in!

The Tommy G Show is broadcast Monday through Friday from 3pm – 6pm in Central New Jersey on 1450 AM WCTC, on the Internet by clicking this link , on iHeartRadio, and via the TuneIn app on your smartphone.

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