10 year old boy killed in Asbury Park shooting

News12 screen shot

A ten year old boy was shot and killed at about 11PM last night on the 400 block of Ridge Ave in Asbury Park, according to multiple news reports.  A 39 year old women, the boys mother according to a source, was wounded in the shooting.

MMM has learned that the child was a student at Bradley Elementary School.

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2 Comments on “10 year old boy killed in Asbury Park shooting”

  1. Many say said at 11:49 am on February 22nd, 2018:

    that Asbury is “back,” “ hip,” “ cool,” and “ today.” To gloss over or ignore the systemic violence that seems to be worsening, is foolhardy and dangerous. For those born and brought up at the Shore, and remember the real and beautiful years of that city, it is fine to see new restaurants and businesses by the lake and on Cookman Ave., but, go in a couple of blocks, especially at night, and take your life in your hands: there is far too much gun and other gang violence, too many drugs, and what did their “leaders” just decide?: we want the money, we’ll be happy to be a pot Mecca, soon. My guess, there will be even more problems. We really have to deal with too many on relief, too many kids without dads, too many “victims” stuck in poverty and squalor. What’s the point of going there and trying to patronize new development, if you can get shot going in or coming out? And, when will we acknowledge that there are too many bad actors being put back out on the streets taking innocent lives, for no reason, and do a better job, there?

  2. Worse said at 5:53 pm on February 22nd, 2018:

    That violence is moving out of Asbury Park to neighboring towns