Sweeney Forges Ahead with State Tax Policy Review, No Input from Murphy Team

Senate President Steve Sweeney. file photo by Art Gallagher

Sens. Steve Oroho (R-Sussex), left, and Paul Sarlo (D-Bergen) have been named to the group that will review NJ’s tax and fiscal policies. Major changes to the federal tax code recently enacted in Washington, D.C. may have significant and unexpected impact on the state economy, according to state lawmakers – particularly in a high-cost place like…

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2 Comments on “Sweeney Forges Ahead with State Tax Policy Review, No Input from Murphy Team”

  1. Mike Harmon said at 9:26 am on February 21st, 2018:

    “We are facing a crisis – a crisis of competitiveness, a crisis in housing values, and a crisis that undermines our prospects for future economic growth,” Senator Oroho said.

    I agree and think most taxpayers agree. Yet here the list of people to decide what to do about the “crisis” are mostly TAX TAKERS not tax payers. Rutgers (who are pretty good at gerrymandering districts) can’t run their own school or sports programs but dominate the “experts” along with others from the most academic community. Personally, I am sick of the “Rutgers” experts. After the “SALT” issues these guys want to raise taxes not address NJ’s competitive disadvantages with other states.

    Maybe I am too simple but our NJ governments are too big and there are too many of them. 550,000 public employees for a state of 9 million? 565 towns 599+- school boards, countless authorities (more concerned about their Bon Jovi tickets). Go where the money is. Massive headcount reductions and consolidation just like Apple, Merck, Verizon, US Steel and every other fortune 500 company who chose to survive rather than die a slow and inefficient death.

    In addition to Zandi and Houstoun, the experts from outside the Legislature are Dr. Joel Naroff, Naroff Economic Advisers Inc.; Dr. Michael Lahr, Rutgers Economic Advisory Service; Dr. Ray Caprio and Marc Pfeiffer, Rutgers Local Government Research Center; Richard Keevey, Rutgers University Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy, and Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School; Dr. Henry Coleman, Rutgers University Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy; Dr. Donald Moliver and Peter Reinhart, Monmouth University’s Kislak Real Estate Institute; and Jerry Maginnis, accounting executive in residence at Rowan University.

  2. I must say, said at 10:22 pm on February 22nd, 2018:

    if we had to get a Dem Governor, I’d have preferred Sweeney,to the leftist we got. Scary that we have to count on him, to temper some of the outrageous pledges that were heaped upon his fringe, during the campaign. Sorry to see that the first pile of unnecessary money The Murph has signed for, went right to Planned Parenthood, to help with the killing of more babies. Wherever one is on that issue, that is a private “charity” that needs to raise its own damn money, from those who support them, and not taxpayers. Have said that for 40 years. Some $7 1/2 million that could be fixing our crumbling infrastructure, helping the addicted or mentally ill, or any other number of needs of the taxpayers- this next four years is not going to go well, here…