Monmouth Democrats Back Menendez For Reelection

Monmouth Democrat Chairman Dave Brown

Monmouth County Democrat Chairman David Brown responded to the news that indicted U.S. Senator Bob Menendez will face a second trial on federal corruption charges by endorsing the senator for reelection in November, according to a report at PoliticsDW.

“Whether it is fighting for progressive values or standing up to Donald Trump’s disastrous and economic and environmental policies, Senator Bob Menendez has had our side,” said David Brown, the Monmouth County Democratic Chairman.

Menendez stands accused of accepting millions in gifts, contributions, lavish vacations and free rides on private jets from a Florida eye doctor who has been convicted of defrauding Medicare of more than $100 million.

In the trial last year which ended with a hung jury, Menendez claims the gifts from Dr. Salomon Melgen were simply expressions of friendship and that he did not use the power of his office inappropriately on Melgen’s behalf.

Federal prosecutors complained in court filings this week that the Menendez defense used the race card and politics for jury nullification during the first trial, according to NJ Law Journal. 

Judge William Walls yesterday dismissed seven of the 18 charges against Menendez and stepped down from presiding over the second trial, according to multiple published reports.

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3 Comments on “Monmouth Democrats Back Menendez For Reelection”

  1. Of course, said at 11:50 am on January 25th, 2018:

    nobody’s gonna bother him- if they do, they are racist. That’s how it is, now. Being NJ, there’s about a 90% or better chance he wins again..

  2. Bob English said at 5:02 pm on January 25th, 2018:

    After the guilty verdict of the former Virginia Governor was overturned, its safe to say (for better or worse) that the bar is so high on being able to get a conviction that you almost need smoking gun evidence of a Quid Pro Quo,,,,that does not exist here

  3. Steve Adams said at 11:29 pm on January 25th, 2018:

    Menendez is entrenched. He has a very effective constituent services operation. After Sandy our volunteer first aid was looking for help with FEMA. Pallone was a lost cause and no help after the phot ops. The Governor, Lt Governor, and Menendez all showed up and offered real assistance with FEMA.
    I oppose about every policy and position Menendez has, and believe he has misused his office; but he is an organized effective opponent for the GOP.