Senator Menendez to face retrial in corruption case

Dr. Salomon Melgen, left and Senator Robert Menendez

Federal prosecutors say they intend to retry U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez on political corruption charges. The trial of the New Jersey Democrat ended in a mistrial in November after jurors were unable to reach a verdict. The Department of Justice had been facing a deadline later this month to retry the case or drop the charges.…

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2 Comments on “Senator Menendez to face retrial in corruption case”

  1. Am guessing said at 6:51 pm on January 19th, 2018:

    we will see another “hung jury” after spending another round of hundreds of thousands of our dollars, on yet another trial. How many shots at getting rid of him at our expense, do they get? And, at this point, why bother? It increasingly appears that, among the continuing attitudes and disasters eight years of Obama wrought, any person in power of a minority group that does something wrong, there seems to be no punishment. Scales of justice?? Appears they are now weighted in favor of every past sin against humanity- one might call it legal reparations, as the push continues, for even more actual reparations, against the working taxpayers of this nation.

  2. PS: said at 6:56 pm on January 19th, 2018:

    And, fellow New Jerseyans, how embarrassing to have him, and the unglued Booker, as our US Senators? Surely, there are many more qualufed( and sane) folks we could send down there! I will always blame Christie for creating the Booker- Monster when governor. He further wrecks our largest city, now, he and many others think he will get to be out second black president