Watch Phil Murphy’s Inauguration

Phil Murphy of Middletown will be sworn in as the 56th governor of New Jersey on Tuesday.  NJTV coverage starts at 11 a.m.

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2 Comments on “Watch Phil Murphy’s Inauguration”

  1. Fasten seat belts, said at 8:41 am on January 16th, 2018:

    the final NJ death rattles are about to begin. Right on the news today, the headline ran: “Garden State Sanctuary.”- a big priority, apparently, starting today. Been to San Fran lately? Cops don’t even bother to stop the homeless from panhandling or attacking tourists, defecating in the streets, tent cities everywhere, it goes on and on. Unfettered, the huge legislative Democrat majorities can do whatever they want, now. It is terrifying. We can only hope some of them aren’t as far left as this new Gov apparently is. Smart taxpayers here are planning their escapes, now!

  2. Packing Up said at 12:31 pm on January 16th, 2018:

    I heard the first order of business for comrade Murphy is to have the legislature change our name from the Garden State to the “Sanctuary State”