Trump Cuts Funding To U.N, After Israel Vote

The U.S. will cut its 2018 contributions to the United Nations by $285 million—nearly 25 percent—an announcement that comes days after more than 120 nations criticized the United States for its decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Ambassador Nikki Haley made the announcement Sunday, but blamed the world body for its budgetary excesses…

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One Comment on “Trump Cuts Funding To U.N, After Israel Vote”

  1. Excellent! said at 10:38 am on December 26th, 2017:

    Keep up the good work, Nikki and Mr. President. It is about time we finally get tough, and call that body out for what it is: a bunch of spoiled, pompous lackeys, who do very little, at huge cost, to advance any positive results of human rights, safety, or “world peace.” It is past time for this expensive, outdated, bloated group to either shape up in one of our busiest cities, or ship out, to a Tehran, or someplace!