Bill Clinton: NJ voters are stark raving crazy and foam at the mouth

Former President Bill Clinton did not call voters who don’t want New Jersey to be a sanctuary state “deplorable” yesterday when he was holding Phil Murphy’s hand in Bergen County yesterday.  He said we are stark raving crazy and prone to foam at the mouth, according to Politico’s coverage.

The hope is that the message can “set enough people on fire,” “get them foaming at the mouth” and “drive them stark raving crazy” so they head to the polls, Clinton said.

Clinton probably didn’t mean the kind of foaming at the mouth that memories of his presidency usually evoke.

When Murphy introduced Clinton at his rally in Paramus yesterday, he shouted to the crowd, “Everybody, get it up for the 42nd president of the United States, Bill Clinton!”

One of the candidates for governor of New Jersey is stark raving crazy.  One isn’t.

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One Comment on “Bill Clinton: NJ voters are stark raving crazy and foam at the mouth”

  1. That’s all they’ve got: said at 10:12 am on October 25th, 2017:

    fear and loathing of two people NOT on the ballot. “Murphy’s Millions” have gone to such brilliant campaign operatives: when you have nothing but bad solutions that are gong to kill more of us, financially and literally, through outrageous taxation and legal pot to get more people hooked, by all means, prey upon the most dumb/ base emotions among us. Would love to get paid a lot to say”vote no on Christie and Trump.” Pathetic thing is, it may just work, in this state. Fast forward a couple of years, fellow New Jerseyites: you will be more broke and in danger, and clamoring for a reasonable person like Kim, as you rush to sell for less, just to get out of here! Or, you could wake up, take ten minutes to look at what the two candidates are actually saying, and get out on Nov 7 to start a real recovery for New Jersey!