Guadagno: New Jersey voters will vote their pocketbook


Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, the GOP nominee for governor, sat down with MMM’s Art Gallagher for a brief interview this morning following a round table discussion with Fair Haven residents at the home of Tenny and Carol Simmons.

Our time together was cut short by an equipment failure.   We barely scratched the surface of the 100’s of questions submitted on facebook. However, Guadagno was gracious to offer a second meeting.

In the five minutes we did capture, the gubernatorial hopeful is optimistic that New Jersey voters will elect her, given the choice of higher taxes promised by Democrat nominee Phil Murphy, and is not concerned about New Jersey voters confusing her for Chris Christie.



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4 Comments on “Guadagno: New Jersey voters will vote their pocketbook”

  1. Reality said at 9:25 pm on August 17th, 2017:

    I am going to enjoy watching Christie’s cheerleader concede defeat to Governor-elect Phil Murphy.

  2. Proud Republican said at 10:36 pm on August 17th, 2017:

    @reality – would you also have enjoyed sitting on a deck chair watching the Titanic hit the iceberg? How silly and self destructive you are. Phil Murphy would be the death knell for this state. I know his campaign doesn’t want him running his ignorant mouth, but the few times he has spoken publicly it’s been same old, same old – raise taxes, raise taxes, give to the unions, raise taxes, hire more state workers, raise taxes, create more government programs, raise taxes, etc. You should move if you hate the state that much to inflict that liberal lightweight on us.

  3. Exactly, "Proud!" said at 10:36 am on August 18th, 2017:

    Attention, Guadagno campaign: it can’t be put more succinctly: a tv ad could show a casket in the shape of NJ being pushed off the cliff, by a dummy with the look of Murphy.. while cars on the Turnpike and route 287, smack into each other more, because too many people in this crowded place are driving high.. oh, and how about the fact that admissions to the ER’s in Colorado, of children poisoned by second- hand marijuana smoke, are up over 133%?? It’s not only about to be murder by liberal policies, it’ll be suicide by stupidity and greed, if this clown and his band of maniacs get in! Wake up, NJ!

  4. Another question for Murphy: said at 11:02 am on August 18th, 2017:

    Someone needs to ask the not- very- well- spoken Mr. Murphy: “why the hell must you raise everything in sight, and resort to the easy”fix,” ( pardon the pun,) of legal pot, which will make a few chosen pals rich, while likely adding to our already terrible drug problems?” Answer, (which he will never admit:) more and more giveaways, and increasing burdens, on the rapidly- exiting taxpayers! I am waiting to hear ANYone, of the gubernatorial candidates, OR legislative candidates, speak to their plans to get our bond ratings up, to account for how much, and what, our lovely new gas tax is being spent on” infrastructure,” and whether they will ever actually cut DOWN on the amount of social program giveaways, especially the ballooning Medicaid, and especially that which is siphoned-off by illegals, who do not contribute income taxes here! What IS the unified Republican answer, to what could inevitably be the end of another state?? I find the state GOP leadership sorely lacking, and it is hurting Kim, with perception and eventually electoral disaster. Do these remaining few GOP incumbents( as is currently, in Washington,) honestly believe they will always win/ slide through again, on dumb name ID? Ask the former assemblwomen in LD 11, if that was a smart strategy! Is that really fair, or good enough, for us beleaguered taxpayers? I, and many disappointed others, think not!