Guadagno: “We will win this election”

NJ GOP Gubernatorial candidate Kim Guadagno stood before a full ballroom in Toms River yesterday, with her running mate, Woodcliff Lake Mayor Carlos Rendo, Republican National Committee Co-Chairman Bob Paduchik and Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore standing beside her and declared, “We will win this election!”

Guadagno said that when media reports cited anonymous sources last week claiming that the RNC was not supporting her candidacy that she received a call from Washington stating, “That’s not coming for us.”  “Prove it,” Guadagno said she replied. “Three days later, here we are,” she said with a wave to Paduchik.

Guadagno called the reports “fake news.”

In his remarks to the standing room only crowd of over 500 enthusiastic supporters, Paduchik warned against believing anonymously source reports in the media and pledged the RNC’s support of Guadagno’s quest to defeat former Goldman Sachs banker Phil Murphy in November. Paduchik said the race is winnable for Republicans.

“If we can be successful to taking that message out to New Jersey voters, if you people in this room and thousands of other supporters across this state can make phone calls and knock on doors, this is definitely a winnable race,” Paduchik said. “If anyone wants to know where the RNC is on this issue, they can give us a call, or we’ll come out here,” he added of the committee’s support of Guadagno.

Guadagno and Paduchik seem to have a valid point about the NJ press corps slanted coverage of her candidacy. NJ.com, the outlet that reported the anonymous source claiming that the RNC was not supporting her candidacy, had a reporter at the event, yet as of this morning, they have no coverage of the event.   Besides MMM, only Save Jersey and Observer have corrected the record regarding RNC’s support of Guadagno, as of this posting.

Murphy supporters gather outside Guadagno’s rally/fundraiser

In his remarks, Rendo spoke of immigrating to the United States from Communist Cuba when he was two years old. “We came only with the clothes on our backs,” he said, “because if we tried to take anything with us, we faced 5-10 years in prison and wouldn’t be able to come to America.”  The crowd stood with approval when Rendo shared his experience of becoming a naturalized United States citizen at the age of 20.

Guadagno defined her candidacy as a quest to stop Murphy from raising taxes on New Jersey’s citizens.  “We need to call it Murphy’s Law: Any tax that can be raised, will be raised.”

“Raising your taxes is the Democrats M.O.,” Gilmore declared. “Murphy Oliver, M.O.”  Former Assembly Speaker Shelia Oliver is Murphy’s running mate.

While the majority of the NJ press corps did not take Guadagno’s rally seriously, the Murphy campaign apparently did. The Democrat’s campaign had a tracker in the room who was ejected prior to Guadagno speaking and they held their own rally of sorts outside the hotel.

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