Anti-Semitic incidents jolt New Jersey town buffeted by welfare scam

Holocaust memorial vandalized, anti-Jewish flyers placed on cars in Lakewood, as incidents seen tied to recent arrest of Jewish couples; authorities offer reward, call vandalism ‘sickening’ By Times of Israel staff An anti-Semitic banner draped over a Holocaust memorial in Lakewood, New Jersey, July 2, 2017. Courtesy ADL) A Holocaust memorial outside a synagogue in Lakewood,…

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3 Comments on “Anti-Semitic incidents jolt New Jersey town buffeted by welfare scam”

  1. Do you rememba? said at 9:59 am on July 4th, 2017:

    Thanks “Jim”….

    As the previous comment notes — the response from the Jewish community is always the same ” If you don’t like the Jews, say as much” — that’s just not it. They self-segregate, refuse to shop and participate in the local economy and local community — then scream “anti-Semitism” when they aren’t included. The whole community is crooked and corrupt, learning how to scam the system from one another and feeding off of taxpayer funded programs.

    I assure MMM readers — my original claims stand — on top of this type of welfare fraud, the town is full of illegal aliens, fake marriages, people over staying visas, fake schools, fake churches. What’s worse is that the Lakewood community has spilled over into Howell – cross 547 and have a look in the development there – every single house on and off of Alexander Ave is for sale or already sold. The rest of Howell should be expecting it’s first Jewish member of the zoning board next election cycle and 3-4 years from now, expect your taxes to skyrocket and you start to provide lakewood level welfare to a new jewish community in Howell. It’s not anti-semitism — it’s a self-segregating community taking advantage of everyone and everything else.

  2. Michael Kazzak said at 10:02 am on July 4th, 2017:

    if it is true, and it is, then there is no need for negative discussion about it

  3. No matter who said at 1:11 pm on July 5th, 2017:

    commits fraud on the taxpayers, “blind lady justice”needs to punish them according to the current laws, period. Am totally sick of any minority of any kind playing the race/religious/ minority/ woman/poor- me card, as well. And ps:If anyone needs to be prosecuted for crimes against the state/ taxpayers/ legal citizens, it’s Billary,Lynch, Rice, Holder, and any of that bunch who hate America,and tried their level best to finally destroy it, too!- hashtag, MAGA!