Congressman Smith’s bill to protect minorities fleeing ISIS passes House

WASHINGTON — Legislation sponsored by a New Jersey GOP congressman to protect minorities in the Middle East from attacks by the Islamic State passed the U.S. House by voice vote Tuesday. The Iraq and Syria Relief and Accountability Act was sponsored by Rep. Chris Smith (R-4th Dist.) in response to mass killings of minorities, including Christians…

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3 Comments on “Congressman Smith’s bill to protect minorities fleeing ISIS passes House”

  1. An unsung hero, said at 8:12 pm on June 9th, 2017:

    our Congressman Smith: few realize the true good he has done, not just for his district and the country, but really, for many of the powerless and voiceless, in the world: his work to stop human trafficking, mutilation of little girls, and now this, shows a concentration on and respect for all life- but, being pro- life and all, and God forbid, a Republican, they send out the goon squads to carry on at his town halls, now: a shame that our public discourse has become so coarse and classless. If he finally gets disgusted and retires, I would not blame him, after over 30 years of service, but he would be very hard to replace. I don’t see anyone out there with his knowledge, gravitas, or heart! Thank you, Chris, for caring, and for fighting for the helpless!

  2. Bob English said at 8:55 am on June 10th, 2017:

    Not sure what Town Halls you are talking about since the Congressman has not held a public TH meeting in 25+ years and refuses to meet with those who do not share his opinions despite numerous requests.

    I personally attended a TH meeting at the Monmouth County Library which the Congressman was invited to but refused to attend despite being given the pre submitted list of questions in advance. Hundreds of others where also there.
    Everyone there was very well behaved and appeared to me to be the least threating group of people you will ever meet. Nothing for the Congressman to be afraid of and it was really unfortunate that he chose not to appear and hear from his constituents.

  3. Tom Stokes said at 12:58 pm on June 10th, 2017:

    We must help create safe havens, in their own countries, to protect Christians and other persecuted minorities by the radical Islamic fanatics.

    This would provide the best and most practical solution without the necessity of forcing them to leave their countries.

    Unfortunately, unless we wipe out both the extremists and their extreme ideology, this problem will only grow. Judge them not, but send them to God and let Him judge them.

    As for Town Hall meetings, I would rather have my congressman working in Washington to fulfill his campaign promises of Repeal and Replace Obamacare, grow our economy through tax cuts and tax reforms and revamp job killing rules and regulations that actually help no one but the bureaucrats; among many other items. If your congressman does not fulfill campaign promises, then you vote him or her out of office in 2018. Simple!

    Bob, if you want to make your views known to your congressman, write to him or call his office. You do not need a Town Hall to voice your opiniuons!