Jack’s attack motivates support for Kim

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Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli’s recent attack on Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno appears to be backfiring.  The oversized glossy postcard comparing Guadagno to Hillary Clinton is drawing angry comments on social media and pledges to work for Kim’s nomination on June 6.

Childhood friends of the Assemblyman are turning their backs on his candidacy and Republican women are particularly offended:

Here’s a small sample:

And my favorite:

Once again, pollster extraordinaire Adam Geller proves to be prophetic.  In his release of an internal Guadagno poll last week, Geller said that Ciattarelli’s campaign is “negative” and “ineffective.”

“The next 20 days are likely to be filled with lies, exaggerations and attacks from the Ciaterelli campaign as the clock continues to tick and their desperation grows with each passing minute,” Geller concluded.

Ciattarelli’s campaign has been the dumbest political effort this blogger has ever seen in twelve years of covering New Jersey politics. With little name recognition outside of Somerset County, Ciattarelli needed to introduce himself and his positive attributes to statewide voters, before attacking his opponents, in order to be viable.  He’s done the opposite by attacking Kim with every message and allowing the Guadagno campaign to define him as “High Tax Jack.”

Hirsh Singh, a political neophyte, is running a smarter campaign than Jack.  Had Singh started earlier and had more professional support, he could have outperformed Jack in the primary—he still might.  Singh has a brighter political future than Ciattarelli who will be a MBA/CPA magazine salesman when the next New Jersey governor is sworn in next January.

Jack Ciattarelli is Steve Lonegan without a sense of humor. Nasty and not funny is just nasty.


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5 Comments on “Jack’s attack motivates support for Kim”

  1. I thought said at 9:52 am on May 26th, 2017:

    Kim’s commercials on “high tax Jack- Jack it up” were her best- quite effective. The other literature was rather vanilla. She’ll be fine, but the General will be brutal..

  2. Do not said at 9:50 am on May 27th, 2017:

    discount the fact that many women will vote based on Kim’s gender, rather than any of her views.(a la Hillary.) and, that RINO’s are pretty much the only Republicans who can win in this state. It will be an interesting comparison between those facts, and the negativity against Christie, that exists all over NJ. In a good year, it would be tough for a more conservative Republican to get anywhere here. Unfortunately, Jack may seem to be wasting his time- but, would like to see him give it a go against Booker or Melendez, next time one of them is up: Booker is particularly embarrassing. every time he speaks on the Senate floor. So, Jack, having upped his name i d this spring, could actually provide a good contrast with an actual philosophical debate and choice, the next go round!

  3. JackBeNimble said at 12:19 pm on May 27th, 2017:

    Seems like Jack struck a nerve to see all of the wailing and aggrieved venting emanating from the tiny bubble reflected in the above MMM/Guadagno campaign posting . The LG’s campaign has been defensive, dumb and dishonest. And that is why this mailer will prove particularly effective in motivating primary voters who live in the real world.

  4. Didn't we say said at 10:26 am on May 28th, 2017:

    that most of Kim’s outreach in this primary campaign has been vanilla?? Very few believe she can reduce property taxes, but many will vote for her, anyway. It is factually true that, many liberal and moderate females will simply vote for a woman. Some of us actually have suggested to Kim that she just leave the Trenton mess, and become a judge or prosecutor or lawyer, again. She generally seems to like the challenge, and wants to make things better. Why can’t we simply assess and discuss what each candidate spends big money on, and how it plays and is received, and whether it translates into a winning campaign? Rather than inserting one’s emotions and put- downs of another’s viewpoint, talk about the effects of what is being said, and how it seems to play out. If polls are right, Kim wins in June, has a very tough road in November, and Jack has to be replaced in the assembly- hopefully that won’t be another list R seat.. He would be a good fit to run for US Senate- can’t we agree that the two we have there now, are not representing Jersey very well, down there? And, we can basically thank Christie for making it easy for Booker to get there- look, we NJ taxpayers are always paying too much, and getting far too little back!!- To the point where we seem to be totally numbed to it, and expect/ accept more punishment!! Enough!

  5. A jersey lawyer said at 9:21 am on June 1st, 2017:

    Your comment about women voting only for women is ridiculous although candidates using ads like this one deserve to lose the the support of all Republicans not just women. With respect to women Jack can’t even tell the difference between two blond women lawyers. But more importantly in the last debate his plan to ration health care placed the care of women at the end of his priority list. The last thing Murphy wants is to have to run against a smart woman. So if you are right that women may vote for woman Jack has given women plenty of reasons to do so. More importantly the ad may cause democrats to vote for her in the general or to vote democrat if Jack is our candidate. But let’s talk about what Kim did as LG. Her role as business ombudsman was successful despite Jack’s efforts to discount her accomplishments. So don’t vote for Kim because she is a woman. Vote for her because she is funnier and smarter than her opponent, has accomplished many things on behalf of NJ and has a better chance in the general.