Monmouth Dems will nominate a doctor and a lawyer for freeholder seats

Brian Wilton and Dr. Margaret Donlon

The Monmouth County Democrats are set to nominate a personal injury attorney and a doctor who specializes in reducing pain and improving function of injured patients for freeholder when they hold their mini-convention at the Shrewsbury Presbyterian Church on Saturday morning March 18.

Kevin Wilton, the Mayor of Lake Como, is a partner in the Wilton Law Firm, which is located across the street from Middletown Town Hall. The firm specializes in car accidents, personal injury and workers compensation, according to its website.

Dr. Margaret Donlon, MD, a resident of West Allenhurst (Ocean Township) practices pain and rehabilitation medicine at Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center in Middletown and Morganville.

Ocean Township Mayor Christoper Siciliano was widely rumored to be a Democrat candidate for freeholder.  Mayor Siciliano told MMM that he declined party leaders overtures to run this year due to the demands of his current office.  The Township Administrator recently resigned and two other key managers in the Township have retired, creating unexpected demands upon him to replace and guide new employees.

Siciliano said he will nominate Dr. Donlon at the convention on Saturday morning.

Assuming there are no primary upsets on June 6, Wilton and Donlon will challenge Republicans, Freeholder Director Lillian G. Burry and Holmdel Deputy Mayor Pat Impreveduto in the November 7 general election.  Burry and Impreveduto are expected to be nominated on Saturday morning at the Monmouth GOP Convention at iPlayAmerica in Freeholder Township.

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  1. It all depends said at 7:10 am on March 18th, 2017:

    on how badly Murphy and his money machine want not only the 11th district, but want to crack the freeholder board here, as well. Hope that dumping a two- term incumbent in a fairly high-turnout, gubernatorial year, does not prove to be a mistake.