GOP Leaders Weigh In On LD 13 Slate


Monmouth County and New Jersey Republican Leaders congratulated the GOP legislative team of Declan O’Scanlon, Amy Handlin and Serena DiMaso in the 13th district today.

Senator Joe Kyrillos, who created the game of dominoes that has that has had Republican office holders dancing on the district and county levesl when he announced his retirement in October, said, “Looks like things are working out very well for my friend Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon to fill my seat next year and I’m proud of him. He’s been a great assemblyman, and together with Amy and Serena, will contribute to the long tradition of Monmouth county’s especially strong legislative delegations to the State House.”

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick issued a statement welcoming Assemblywoman Amy Handlin back to the Assembly.

“Amy is a policy oriented public servant who is deeply committed to public policy,” said Leader Bramnick. “As one of the brightest legislators in Trenton I am fortunate to have her continue to be a member of the Assembly Republican caucus. I am committed to support Amy with the resources needed to have her win.”

Monmouth County GOP Chairman Shaun Golden said, “I am very pleased with how all of the great candidates in the LD 13 race conducted themselves over the last five months.  President Reagan’s 11th commandment was honored as each candidate worked with dignity and respect for each other. They built relationships that will serve their constituencies and the Monmouth GOP very well going forward.”

“I look forward to working with Senator O’Scanlon and Assemblywomen Handlin and DiMaso, in my capacities as Sheriff and as Chairman.  We have a strong team of proven leaders in Declan, Amy and Serena.”

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5 Comments on “GOP Leaders Weigh In On LD 13 Slate”

  1. Tim H said at 6:18 pm on March 3rd, 2017:

    This means there will be another open Freeholder seat…….who will get that? Let’s do ourselves a favor…..NO BOB WALSH!!!!!!!!

  2. John axelrod said at 11:21 pm on March 3rd, 2017:

    As Trump would say, the system is rigged in these Republican contests. There is no need to go to the convention. Golden and others want to select the candidates. It was a mistake to make Golden chairman.

  3. Please, get a grip. said at 11:32 pm on March 3rd, 2017:

    This is getting freaky against Walsh, we get you don’t like him-and am worried for you. This is an interesting and crucial question, however: so let’s review the developments, up to tonight, to get it straight: we dump a re- elected and decent incumbent, and put in some peoples’ friend, whom we forget to have the serious conversation with, and vet properly.. we appear quite lukewarm about the incumbent director, too, with a long and blemish- free record of service. Next, the newly- re- elected one can’t wait to move up to the legislature. And, yes, if she wins, there’s another vacancy on the board: so, now, conventional wisdom would have you put in a person with an exceptional record of service to the community and yes, the party, and some name i d beyond one town,but, it will likely be another newcomer/ friend. Are we suicidal, or just becoming too arrogant and/ or, politically sloppy?

  4. Steve Adams said at 10:31 am on March 6th, 2017:

    Declan has some great support and high quality endorsements. (and he has mine, and many just plain regular people that want good representation)

  5. Hey, Little Timmy said at 2:56 pm on March 6th, 2017:

    What, did Bob Walsh hurt you personally in some way, that you have it in for him?