Christie turned down several jobs in Trump administration, sources say

assetcontentTRENTON — President-elect Donald Trump offered Gov. Chris Christie numerous positions in his incoming administration, but the New Jersey governor turned them down, two sources with knowledge of Trump’s transition efforts told NJ Advance Media. The sources said those jobs included Cabinet-level posts like Homeland Security secretary and Veterans Affairs secretary, as well as other posts,…

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One Comment on “Christie turned down several jobs in Trump administration, sources say”

  1. Think of said at 9:27 am on December 12th, 2016:

    the most sour lemon or spoiled piece of food you’ve ever tasted, and, as your eyes squint and water, and your stomach turns, you get the idea of what this guy did to further lower the impressions,reputation, and realities of NJ.. wasn’t the most huge fan from day- one, voted for wacky Lonegan in the primary, towed the party line twice for this guy, but, lord, what a supreme embarrassment this person has become, to all of us.. and now, spending $300 million – plus to re- do the crumbling statehouse, a likely costly deal pending with the majority Dems to allow him to grab a book deal before he leaves office, and the continual downswing in the state’s credit rating, well, the next Dems could not do much worse: in the words of our new President to the inner cities: all Murphy has to say next year is: ” hey, NJ, what the hell do you have to lose??”.. It would save him millions in the tv he’s already spending!..Word to Kim: we love ya, you are bright and nice, and you’ve done a credible job- but, seriously, consider going to a good law firm, or becoming a judge- you could certainly save yourself much time, money, grief and your health, by running away from what will be left to the next NJ governor!