Pence visit to Ocean County cancelled

assetcontent-54GOP Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence will not be appearing at a rally in Ocean County on Monday, October 10, as previously reported.

According to Pence’s schedule posted on DonaldJTrump.com, Governor Pence will be making two appearances in North Carolina on Monday

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6 Comments on “Pence visit to Ocean County cancelled”

  1. Bob English said at 11:20 am on October 9th, 2016:

    I thought it was a little strange that he would be going to a very blue state so late in the campaign.

  2. Their schedule said at 1:10 am on October 10th, 2016:

    has both Pence and Trump campaigning in the most important battleground states- a better use of their time. My biggest concern this election more than ever, is ongoing and rampant voter fraud- just read that boxes of Dem- voted absentees have been found in a warehouse in Ohio ( one of the most important states.- their early voting is not supposed to have started yet) Amazing to learn they are voting dead people, felons, and registering illegals in Virginia, and other places.. The blatant corruption of our most precious duty, right, and freedom as a citizen is under attack more than ever, and we must identify and stop it wherever we can, or we are no longer a free country.

  3. Bob English said at 7:49 am on October 10th, 2016:

    @their…Absentee and messenger ballot fraud is known to actually exist by both D’s and R’s. People should focus on that a bit more rather than wasting time on same day voter impersonation.

  4. Maybe, said at 10:20 am on October 10th, 2016:

    but have seen actual cases where the fraud has been committed in places like: Hudson County, Long Branch, and Asbury, NJ, Chicago and Cook County, Illinois, and then some places like Philly, showing some 100% plus of “voter turnout:” largely historical bastions of Democratic voting patterns. And, this admin in DC is slowing deportations, as well as registering illegals to vote. Whatever happens on Nov 8, we do not need to wind up like the Iraquis with the purple fingers, with basically one candidate to “vote” for. That’s called dictatorship.

  5. Bob English said at 6:25 pm on October 10th, 2016:

    Despite what Trump might say non citizens can not vote in federal elections. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/may/08/donald-trump/donald-trump-wrongly-says-noncitizens-can-vote-whe/

  6. Really?? said at 9:08 pm on October 10th, 2016:

    then why do so many manage to get signed up for food stamps, obamaphones, housing and utility,and medical assistance, drivers licenses in some states, and yes, voter cards?( the libs in many places have made sure anyone who supports voter photo ID laws are called racists.) -this is actually a very simple election, when you peel back all the superficial distractions, and continual crap: either coming here the legal way, working, contributing, assimilating and becoming a real American citizen means something any more, or it doesn’t!!